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1. What is a smart warehouse?

In smart warehouses, picking and sorting are important tasks. A common picking solution is goods-to-person (GTP), where mobile robots or AGVs can be used. The mobile robots carry inventory racks on their backs from a large grid-based floor storage to the picker at a load handling station.

2. What is “one solution”?

“One solution” from Kollmorgen is a solution for mobile robots as well as for high reach AGVs and everything in between. We know that the needs of different industries can vary a lot and that one solution is preferred.

3. Can I buy a whole smart warehouse system from Kollmorgen?

Kollmorgen has specialized in the navigation technology, software and hardware needed to create smart warehouses. We have a wide partner base that builds or integrates our technology into their AGVs and mobile robots. 

4. How do I set up a smart warehouse system?

The first thing you have to do is decide is how to use your smart warehouse, so you can find a certified partner to work with. When you have decided which area you want to use for your smart warehouse, you also have to think through the placement of picker and replenishment positions, rack storage area, number of racks and targeted throughput. 

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5. What are the benefits of a smart warehouse system from Kollmorgen?

A smart warehouse system from Kollmorgen is suitable for open floors and changing environments. You get all the flexibility you need now and in the future, and the system is designed for easy interaction with your staff in the warehouse.  

6. What is the difference between a traditional AGV system and a smart warehouse system?

Many smart warehouse systems use floor-based navigation. These systems are controlled by a smart algorithm perfect for grid-based layouts.

7. How large are the systems I can run?

Smart warehouse systems are usually large both in terms of layout size and the number of vehicles. Talk to an experienced partner for more details.

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8. Will it help me to have previous knowledge of Kollmorgen AGVs?

Yes, we have developed a light toolbox for setting up a smart warehouse system where you will recognize some of our most popular tools.

9. What is the driving precision/accuracy for barcode navigation?

It depends on the vehicle configuration: +/-10 mm with a well-tuned vehicle.

10. What is the speed of your product support?

We offer a premium support package. The support portal is accessible 24/7/365.