Nowhere is strict quality control more important than in the pharmaceutical industry. Safety, purity, shelf life, product tracking and even marketability all depend on getting it right. At the same time, precise motion control must be matched with extremely high throughput to meet the demand for millions of doses per day. And manufacturing processes must be carried out under strict hygienic conditions, from formulation to cartoning.

Speed and Precision Required, 24/7

Filling and mating capsules requires perfect positioning at very high speeds. Indexing speeds of 25 milliseconds per position are not uncommon. Pressing tablets, printing lot numbers, die cutting, blister packaging, bottle filling, boxing and other manufacturing processes all have demanding motion requirements. Given the nature of the product, any waste or scrap due to an error in these processes can be very costly. In addition, many pharmaceutical companies depend on around-the-clock operation to satisfy demand, so reliability and ease of maintenance are critical.

Productivity Drives Profitability

Kollmorgen motion solutions are engineered to provide optimum throughput and accuracy, and are built for long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Our advanced development tools and industry-specific co-engineering expertise have been proven in pharmaceutical machines that operate at 35 percent or greater throughput with 50 percent less scrap – directly improving productivity and profitability.

Hygienic Equipment for Quality and Purity

In addition to technical performance, everything on the manufacturing line must be completely hygienic. All materials, lubricants and finishes must be safe for direct and incidental contact with the product. Components must be able to withstand frequent, high-pressure washdowns and caustic cleaners with no corrosion or ingress. We provide pharmaceutical-grade versions and IP66 protection for motors, decentralized drives, gearboxes and other components, as well as stainless steel options for the ultimate in cleanliness and corrosion resistance.

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AKM Washdown Motor Medium

AKM™ servo motors

AKM™ servo motors offer more than a million standard configurations, including food-grade, washdown-ready and stainless steel versions

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AKMH 265x265 Image

Stainless Steel AKMH Series

The new AKMH Series is built to withstand the most rigorous of washdown regimens. The combination of the AKMH’s IP69K construction and corrosion resistant materials, make for a servo motor that will last the life of your machine.

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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ delivers a complete set of engineering tools and motion control components proven to speed development time and improve performance.

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AKD™ Servo Drives

AKD™ servo drives provide industry-leading power density, performance and precision, and are available in washdown-capable decentralized versions for installation on the machine itself.

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AKM™ Servo Motors

AKM™ servo motors offer more than a million standard configurations, including food-grade, washdown-ready and stainless steel versions.

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KBM Medium

Direct Drive Rotary (DDR)

Direct Drive Rotary (DDR™) motors eliminate the need for gearboxes and transmission components, enabling perfect alignment at higher throughput speeds.

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CDDR image medium

Cartridge Direct Drive Rotary (CDDR™)

Cartridge DDR® motors combine the space-saving and performance advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor.

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