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There are many machine designs for bending conduit, rebar, structural tubing, sheet metal and other materials. All types require finesse in positioning the material as well as the clamps, dies and mandrels used to execute each bend.

Perfect coordination becomes even more of a challenge when creating complex parts with multiple bends. At the same time, production demands require each precise movement to be performed as quickly as possible. Versatility, consistency, throughput and modular motion control solutions are the defining factors for the next generation of bending systems.

Accurate, Repeatable Bends

Manufacturing productivity requires bending machines to operate virtually nonstop. Especially for parts with multiple, complex bends, there’s no room for error due to components that aren’t perfectly tuned for the task or that can’t maintain performance at high speeds or over long periods of time.

Our 2G motion system offers drives and motors perfectly matched for reliably consistent performance. AKD2G dual-axis servo drives include custom MechaWare control algorithms; industry-leading velocity and position loops; and our acclaimed WorkBench GUI—all the technology and tools you need to engineer a machine that handles the most complex bends with confidence.

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Increased Throughput Without Increasing the Footprint

The next generation of bending machines will succeed in the marketplace through the ability to create more pieces, no matter how complex, in a shorter time. A machine that takes up less space on the factory floor also contributes to increased productivity, where space is repurposed for another use.

Our 2G Motion System delivers dual-axis control and up to 30% greater motor torque with no increase in package size or change in mounting. Our enhanced stepper designs enable near-servo positioning without the need for feedback devices. So you can get more performance in a compact machine footprint.

Moreover, our innovative SafeMotion functions, including SDI safe direction, can improve forming processes to increase throughput by 20%, by managing situations that could cause machine shutdowns.

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Top Products for Bending

2G Motion System

Kollmorgen introduces the next generation of motion for more ambitious machines built on more capable performance and more confident engineering. The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System harnesses the full performance potential of our leading AKM2G servo motors and perfectly matched AKD2G drives designed to deliver unrivaled power density and control. The result is significantly enhanced torque, responsiveness and SafeMotion capabilities in a compact footprint that enables easy installation and total flexibility.

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AKD-N Decentralized Servo Drive

The AKD-N decentralized servo drive reduces cabinet space and opens the way to a smarter machine automation with 80% less cabling. Typical applications for the AKD-N are packaging machines and production machines in food and beverage industry.

  • IP67 drives can be mounted to machine, outside the control panel
  • Reduced cabling because DC, network, power supply, I/O level as well as safety (STO) run in one cable
  • More flexibility in machine design, can be “cold plate” mounted
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KBM Series Frameless

The KBM series offers high performance, long life, simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your mechanical design. A huge selection of standard motors and cost-effective modifications ensure a perfect fit.

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Stepper Motors

Our high-performance, brushless, maintenance-free stepper motors provide precise, extremely cost-effective motion control.

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We believe your motion system should be designed to fit your machine, not the other way around. Whether you’re upgrading your existing machine capabilities or embarking on an all-new design, our co-engineering experts will help you achieve higher motion performance for your unique application.

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