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Why Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen can help you move everything from microscopic samples to high-inertia imaging gantries more smoothly, accurately and at higher speeds. We deliver proven technical advantages that directly improve the performance of your machine.

  • Smooth rotary and linear motion systems that couple directly to the moving load for quicker handling and more precise imaging of laboratory samples
  • Conversion of complicated transmission systems to simple direct-drive technology for stiff precision and minimal maintenance
  • The industry’s largest selection of motion products, designed for easy modification to provide a custom fit with off-the-shelf pricing and delivery

Application-Specific Engineering Support

Kollmorgen has designed and built motion systems used in FDA-regulated applications for more than 40 years. Motion is at our core. We understand the automation requirements of medical and laboratory systems, and the needs of providers and patients who depend on them.

  • Deep insight into the structural, optical and motion requirements of laboratory analyzers, imaging gantries and other medical devices
  • Engineering design support, including the ability to integrate motion control with optical, fluidic and pneumatic systems
  • The smoothest motion and velocity control for rapid three-dimensional positioning and stable settling

Global Lifecycle Management

Kollmorgen employs the industry’s best people worldwide to design, build and deliver the products you need, wherever you and your customers work. And we’re committed to supporting your machine throughout its production and deployment, including:

  • Rapid prototyping and assured delivery of customized products built for your unique application
  • Full documentation of motion and automation design to support regulatory approval and compliance
  • Assured product availability, support and expertise to maximize and even extend the lifecycle of your solution