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Patient Tables

Powered patient tables for the doctor’s office have to accommodate everyone from small children to patients as heavy as 500 lbs or more. They need to have a full, infinitely adjustable range of motion that allows the clinician easy access to any body site. They need to assure gentle, precise and predictable motion to keep patients comfortable and avoid any possible risk of injury. They need to be robust, reliable and adaptable. And these are just the basic requirements.

When Diagnosis and Treatment Depend on Motion

Even more stringent requirements apply in specialist treatment centers, the radiology department and the operating room. For example, the sophisticated patient tables used with CT scanners and other imaging machines require extremely fine motion in precise coordination with the imaging machine’s motion. If the motion isn’t right, the images will be unusable.

State-of-the-Art Motion for Better Patient Care

Getting it right takes servo motors, linear positioners and other motion components compact enough to fit in a confined space, outside of the detector’s line of vision. When motion requirements are complex, highly adaptable solutions such as multi-axis precision tables and drives can provide a simple solution.

In addition to meeting size constraints, motion components must be robust and precise enough to avoid introducing any compliance into the system. Absolute reliability is also essential to avoid any unscheduled downtime that requires costly, disruptive rescheduling of patients. Most important, the best possible motion helps clinicians deliver the best possible care.

One Supplier – Any Healthcare Motion Need

Kollmorgen is the only supplier you need to meet all these motion requirements. We offer the industry’s largest selection of most advanced servo motors, standard, with co-engineered modifications available to meet any specification. Our compact drives deliver the industry’s highest bandwidth and easiest commissioning. And we offer all the controls, gearheads, linear positioners and other components you need for a complete motion solution – along with the engineering expertise to help you design and build a better patient table.

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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ delivers a complete set of development tools and motion control components proven to speed development time and improve performance.

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AKD Servo Drives

AKD™ Servo Drives provide industry-leading power density, performance and precision in one of the most compact footprints available.

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AKM Servo Motors

AKM™ servomotors offer more than a million standard configurations, plus co-engineered modifications to meet any need.

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Direct Drive Rotary

Direct Drive Rotary (DDR™) motors eliminate the need for gears and transmission components for the most precise motion possible.

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Direct Drive Linear

Direct Drive Linear Motor technology eliminates transmission components for the stiffest possible connection and simplest maintenance.

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Linear Positioners

Electric Cylinders, Rodless Actuators and Precision Linear Tables provide superior thrust and accuracy without the complexity and maintenance of a hydraulic or pneumatic positioner.

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