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Automated laboratory and medical systems help clinicians make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment. They help medical researchers find new lifesaving cures and help hospitals and clinics provide efficient care. Healthcare providers do a better job and patients receive better care when these systems are faster, more precise and more reliable.

With higher-performing, more reliable equipment, the whole healthcare system works better, benefiting everyone from patients and caregivers to hospitals and clinics – and the machine builders who serve them.

Kollmorgen has the technology and engineering knowledge to solve the toughest motion challenges. We offer the widest standard product selection, with the ability to rapidly modify products for an exact fit to meet the requirement of specific applications. We can simplify your machine by utilizing direct-drive technology, removing transmission components for greater accuracy, repeatability, reliability and a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, we can help you integrate motion systems along with optics, fluidics and pneumatics for higher performance and precision.

Imaging Systems

Better motion makes CT and MRI machines more accurate for the diagnostician, more comfortable for the patient, and more profitable for the provider.

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Surgical Robotics

In the rapidly evolving field of robotic-assisted surgery, the goal is minimally invasive procedures that help patients to recover as quickly and completely as possible.

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