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CT scanners, MRI machines and other advanced imaging systems require the highest motion precision. Any inaccuracy can cause blurring or artifacts that make interpretation difficult. It may require repeating the procedure – consuming resources while exposing the patient to an additional dose of radiation. In a worst case, it can even mean completely missing a potentially lifesaving diagnosis.

No Room for Error

CT scanners and MRI machines require precise motion control for very high inertial loads at very high speeds, especially with today’s multidetector row machines. For example, a 320-slice CT scanner with subsecond rotation can produce a detailed 3D model of the heart in just a few seconds, coordinating with ECG data to capture images only while the heart is at rest between beats. With so much happening all at once, there’s no room for mechanical error.

Higher Resolution in a Faster Scan

Microns and milliseconds make the difference between an accurate diagnosis and an unusable image. That’s why Kollmorgen servo motors, drives and controls are found in the most advanced CT scanners. Working together, they produce optimum acceleration, torque and precision – achieving less than 0.1 percent velocity ripple while overcoming an extremely high moment of inertia to enable the most accurate and detailed images possible.

Co-Engineering and Support for a Better Scanner

For imaging machine OEMs that have a full motion engineering team on staff, Kollmorgen can serve as a motion consultant and component supplier. For OEMs looking for complete electromechanical solutions, we can provide fully integrated motion systems designed to your specifications. Either way, you have access to the industry’s most knowledgeable motion experts, along with a global supply, support and engineering network to ensure access to all the components, service and expertise you need – with the shortest lead times and best value.

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