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2nd Generation SafeMotion Improves Productivity

Safety2G increases machine uptime and permits safe interaction between operator and motion

Fast motion or gravity-sensitive loads could be hazardous to machine operators. Traditional safety technology keeps the operator away from the production process via mechanical guarding, hence the operator can’t interact with the operation process.image

By contrast, AKD2G, with integrated SafeMotion, allows user intervention without interrupting the process. The innovative SafeMotion feature increases productivity by reducing downtime and is available with our AKD2G and S700 drives.

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Powerful SafeMotion Functionality

An extensive set of innovative SafeMotion functions enables reduced downtime:

  • Instead of removing power, permit traverse- or homing motion with high speed and prohibit movement towards the operator.
  • Scalable functions starting from simple STO up to advanced safety
  • Monitor the deceleration ramp with SafeSpeed and SafePosition
  • Controlled SafeStop functions like SBC with SBT or SDB

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SafeMotion from the Motion Experts

Kollmorgen is your best supplier for demanding motion solutions. Easy-to-use AKD2G Safety makes the difference:

  • Single Cable Safe DSL encoder simplifies wiring and reduce cost
  • High-accuracy Safe EnDAT 2.2 interface for direct drive motors
  • AKD2G also offers a high-end SafeMotion solution:
    • Simple configuration of parameters via Kollmorgen Workbench
    • Simplified troubleshooting during commissioning
    • Simple field drive replacement

Plug & Safe – Innovation based on Simplified Connectivity

The benefits of safe FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT) combined with drive-integrated SafeMotion:

  • Lower cost of the safety system due to reduced safety wiring & I/O
  • Reduced cabinet size due to decentralized safety and fewer components
  • Reliability increases due to fewer components.
  • Efficient engineering due to simplified SafeMotion parametrization  → reduced complexity.

Flexible Safety System with Seamless Integration

Smooth migration to the future:

  • Start by hard-wiring traditional safety devices directly into AKD2G’s Safe I/O
  • Take advantage of existing EtherCAT communication to move to FSoE

Safe Parameter Handling:

  • AKD2G’s SD card can handle saving, storing and moving safe parameters if no network is available or if power is off
  • For multi-axis applications a simple download process will distribute the relevant Safety Parameter Files to all drives

Customized according your Needs

Kollmorgen offers thousands of COTS products. We also customize (and co-engineer) solutions, to optimize motion and Safety, in concert with you. We speak your language and solve your challenges with our motion control and SafeMotion expertise. Kollmorgen can provide a Safe servo solution with control, drive, optimized motor with Safe Encoder, and the necessary interfaces. Call us!

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