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Make it Last Longer

Kollmorgen doesn’t deal in ordinary components. We provide motion control solutions optimized to meet the uniquely demanding requirements of the food and beverage industry. That means servo motors, gearheads, drives and controls that perform flawlessly to ensure product quality. Precise motion at higher speeds to maximize throughput. And – in an industry that can be especially hard on equipment – components designed and built for long life with minimal maintenance to keep the production line up and running at full speed.

Frequent washdowns and caustic cleaning chemicals help you maintain compliance with food safety regulations and protect your brand’s good name. Ordinary motors and motion control components can corrode, become contaminated or take on water under these conditions. Kollmorgen products are anything but ordinary. They’re designed with cutting-edge sealing technologies and housing materials to withstand the harshest cleaning regimens.

If you’re accustomed to getting only several months of service from the motors and gearheads you’re using today, expect to get several years with our hygienic, IP69K stainless steel servo motors and AquaTRUE™ gearheads. They’re backed by a two-year warranty

Kollmorgen Stepper Drives

Stepper Drives

Stepper drives for both AC and DC power applications are ideal for high-performance indexing applications, offering microstepping capabilities up to 50,000 steps per revolution with no need for feedback systems.

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