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Why Kollmorgen

Easier to clean and maintain. Faster to set up and change over. Greater uptime and a longer service life. More innovative capabilities. Sustainable efficiency in a machine that’s simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective to operate. These are the capabilities food and beverage manufacturers are looking for in the equipment that drives their production lines. Capabilities that provide true differentiation from the competition.

It's all about the speed, quality, precision and dependability of the machine’s motion. As the world's leading motion expert, Kollmorgen offers best-in-class solutions and application expertise that allow food and beverage machines to do more with less. That means fewer parts, shorter maintenance and repair times, less time in washdown and changeover, lower operational costs – all in a machine that delivers more advanced capabilities and performance.

Why Kollmorgen? To gain an irrefutable advantage.

Clean it Faster

Kollmorgen understands the food and beverage industry’s rigorous demands for cleanliness. Food safety is vital to the integrity and reputation of your brand. And with the advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act in the U.S. and increasingly strict regulations worldwide, the ability to demonstrate effective procedures for preventing contamination is becoming critical to your ability to continue operating from day to day.

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Make it Last Longer

Kollmorgen doesn’t deal in ordinary components. We provide motion control solutions optimized to meet the uniquely demanding requirements of the food and beverage industry. That means servo motors, gearheads, drives and controls that perform flawlessly to ensure product quality. Precise motion at higher speeds to maximize throughput. And – in an industry that can be especially hard on equipment – components designed and built for long life with minimal maintenance to keep the production line up and running at full speed.

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Fix it Faster

For more than 70 years, Kollmorgen has provided motion solutions that make industrial machines more productive, precise and powerful. Through experience with hundreds of food and beverage applications, we’ve learned how innovative machines can be designed and built with fewer parts, so there’s less compliance and backlash due to worn parts and less risk of a breakdown. And if a problem does arise, fewer parts make it easier to diagnose and fix.

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Make it Simpler

To meet the demands of today’s marketplace, your packaging lines need to deliver greater throughput and quality, without processing errors or equipment failures that cause unplanned downtime. Kollmorgen understands that less human interaction equals less error. That’s why we have developed reliable motion components that simplify your machine design, as well as innovative motion control solutions that are easy to operate and can be programmed from one central location.

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Make it Innovative

You don’t want a “me-too” solution. You want an outstanding machine. One that sets a higher bar for product quality, throughput and innovation. When your goal is to clearly differentiate your capabilities from the competition, Kollmorgen can help you design and build a machine that delivers more.

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