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Food Safety

No one who cares about their nutrition and health can ignore high-profile headlines about food contamination, recalls, and even casualties resulting from food-borne contaminants. And no company that produces food for mass distribution wants to appear in those headlines. People deserve safe food – that’s inarguable. But consider the plethora of pathogens and allergens ready to attack at any point in the supply chain. With more than 7 billion people to feed, food manufacturers and regulatory agencies worldwide face a monumental challenge to keep the food supply safe.

There's No Safe Food Without Safe Processing and Packaging

Media, governments and the food industry itself are all calling for more rigorous sanitation in all aspects of food packaging. In the U.S., the latest and most sweeping mandate for reform in hygiene is the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011, which requires the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create and enforce new rules for safer food manufacturing and more effective facility inspection.  You can read more about this in our Food Safety Regulatory Requirements white paper.

Many Stakeholders with a Shared Goal: Cleanliness

Complementing regulatory regimes in the U.S. and around the world, the food industry itself has taken increasing responsibility for ensuring safety and quality. Food producers and packagers are confronted by a bewildering variety of food safety initiatives and organizations, including SQF (Safe Quality Food), GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), BRC (British Retail Consortium), FFSC (Foundation for Food Safety Certification) and many others. With a deep understanding of your industry’s hygienic requirements, Kollmorgen is uniquely positioned to help you meet all these regulatory mandates and certification hurdles.

Clean It Faster. Make It Last Longer

High-pressure washdowns and harsh cleaning chemicals with wide-ranging pH values are becoming the industry norm, particularly for wet-process foods. Kollmorgen leads the industry with stainless steel, food-grade, washdown-ready servo systems and gearheads rated for ingress protection up to IP69K. They’re designed for faster cleaning time – with no disassembly, no separate housing or shielding and no seams or separate nameplates where pathogens can hide.

And they’re designed with robust materials and advanced sealing systems, so they last through many years of high-pressure washdowns and caustic chemicals while maintaining superior performance. That’s why we offer a warranty against water ingress – or any other failure – that’s twice as long as the industry standard.

What’s ahead? Kollmorgen continues to innovate with IP69K steppers, servos and direct drive motors as well as faster ways to clean our products. Because we believe food safety, product innovation and machine performance all contribute to your business success.

Stainless Steel AKMH Series

The new AKMH Series is built to withstand the most rigorous of washdown regimens. The combination of the AKMH’s IP69K construction and corrosion resistant materials, make for a servo motor that will last the life of your machine.

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STF Washdown Motor - Food Grade

STF Washdown Motor - Food Grade false STF Washdown Motor - Food Grade description

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AKD PDMM® Programmable Drive, Multi-Axis Master. The AKD PDMM® combines one AKD servo axis and a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional AKD axes in a single, compact package. It provides integrated control for multiple high-performance axes, complete I/O and HMI interfaces, and

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We designed our next-generation AKD® Series with the versatility, communications, power and bandwidth you need to build higher throughput, greater precision and more capable features into your machine—and to bring it to market faster.

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AKD-N Decentralized Servo Drive

The decentralized servo drives AKD-N help to get the cabinets smaller and open the way to a smarter machine automation with 80% less cabeling. Typical applications for the AKD-N are packaging machines and production machines in food and beverage industry.

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KBM Series Frameless

The KBM™ series offers high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your machine design.

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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ Overview

Our premier general-purpose automation suite includes all the software and hardware you need to bring truly differentiated, high-performance machines to market faster. Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ has been proven to measurably accelerate development, increase throughput, minimize scrap and maximize overall equipment effectiveness.

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