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Knowledge is Power

The most important component of a successful food or beverage machine is knowledge. From processing of raw materials to final packaging, labeling and cartoning, each task depends on meeting precise performance parameters with uncompromising hygiene, quality and safety. And the marketplace expects all this while demanding new innovations that make products clearly stand out against the competition.

Success calls for industry-specific knowledge that ordinary component suppliers can’t provide. With decades of motion engineering and application expertise, Kollmorgen’s food and beverage knowledge runs deep. More than components, we offer complete, best-in-class solutions that integrate food-grade and washdown-ready motors and gearheads, decentralized and multi-master drives, high-performance automation platforms, simplified cabling and more.

The proof is in the performance of your machine, and we have achieved measurable results across the food and beverage industry.

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Bottling, Filling and Conveying

Keep your machines running with maximum uptime and throughput, while delivering the consistency and quality customers demand.

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Food Safety and Inspection

Keep food safe and meet regulatory requirements with systems that are easier to clean while providing longer life under harsh washdown conditions.

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Free yourself from limits. From development software to motion components, we’ll help you build a machine that does exactly what you want it to – faster and easier.

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Slicing and Interleaving

Don't let washdown requirements slow you down. Components designed for faster cleaning and testing can add thousands of hours to your overall uptime.

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