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Naval vessels are becoming more sophisticated and the roles they fulfill are expanding. Advanced systems for weapon targeting, threat detection & defense and peripheral surveillance are just a few application examples that are keeping military personnel safe while helping them perform more effectively at sea. These systems depend on flawless targeting and tracking, and must not be impeded by the constant motion of the vessel or any harsh environmental conditions.

To keep more sailors out of harm’s way, the development of newer ship systems drives to reduce the number of required crew members. These new systems are also driving reductions in maintenance and environmental impact by utilizing electric power instead of hydraulic. Automatic hatch-ways, actuated hangar doors, surveillance and other advancements require powerful, reliable motion systems.

Steady & Rugged Solutions

Mounted on a seagoing vessel, radar and satellite tracking systems need to maintain precise elevation and azimuth as the ship navigates rough seas. For weapons and defensive systems, unpredictable motion of the target makes accurate tracking an even greater challenge. The servo motors driving these multi-axis systems must perform without fail in harsh weather, and salt water conditions for extended periods of time and able to withstand significant shock and vibration.

Minimize Risk with Your Proven Partner

Kollmorgen has many decades of experience supplying motion components designed for reliability in the most demanding of defense applications. We continue to innovate and consistently meet the increasing demands of today’s battlefield, as well as the battlefield of the future. With our global engineering expertise, manufacturing facilities and capabilities, Kollmorgen is ready to deliver the standard and customized motion components needed to support any weapon system, anywhere in the world.

Kollmorgen Solutions

The ability to integrate core motor technologies into a customer's unique application is a key competency of Kollmorgen. Our expertise allows us to modify standard products, such as our award winning TBM and KBM frameless platforms, or develop entirely custom solutions across our extensive product design portfolio.

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KBM Series Frameless

The KBM™ series offers high performance, long life and simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your machine design.

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TBM Series

The Kollmorgen TBM (Torquer Brushless Motor) Series direct drive frameless motor is designed to be directly embedded in your machine, using the machine’s own bearings to support the rotor.

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The RBE Series from Kollmorgen is a proven platform offering many years of direct drive motor solutions. As the saying goes, these motors are ‘oldies but goodies’ and continue to be viable solutions where relatively high torque and low speed, pancake type motor configurations are required.

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EKM Series Servo Motors

These enhanced, high performance motors are MilSpec 810E rated and IP67 sealed, and comes standard with a stainless steel and chemical-agent-resistant paint, for duty in harsh environmental conditions.
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AKM™ Series Servo Motor

Our best-in-class, high-performance servomotors offer a wide range of mounting, connectivity, feedback and other options. More than 500,000 standard models are available along with co-engineered modifications to suit almost any application requirement.

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Kollmorgen Goldline® Series Servo Motors

Kollmorgen Goldline® Series Servo Motors

The Kollmorgen Goldline® Series provides optimum performance for applications that involve rapid acceleration/deceleration, compliant loads or large inertia mismatches. These motors are available for 230 and 400/480 VAC line voltage. We also offer explosionproof, washdown and submersible models.

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