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In precision strike warfare, accurate targeting is of paramount importance. From the earliest inertial systems through “line-of-sight” systems such as laser or IR guidance, targeting efficiency has continuously improved while putting fewer air crews at risk. The addition of GPS, for example in JDAM systems, has enabled even more precise targeting in all weather conditions while allowing crews to “fire and forget” as they take evasive action and proceed to the next target.
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Exact Control in Extreme Conditions

Even with the most precise targeting inputs, the accuracy of any guidance system depends on the rapid and reliable positioning of fins and other control surfaces. Control actuation systems must be capable of delivering precise motion, at high torque, in instant response to constantly changing inputs. And because a single failure can mean a total loss of control, these systems need to survive extremes of temperature, altitude, dust, moisture, vibration and shock.

Top Performance, Dependable Supply

Despite these strict performance and durability requirements, control actuation systems need to be as light as possible to maximize flying range and responsiveness. They also need to be affordable and reliably available in the configurations and quantities needed to upgrade existing weapons and replenish arsenals as the weapons are used. Kollmorgen servo motors have been incorporated widely in the defense industry’s most advanced control actuation systems to meet all these demanding requirements.

Co-engineering for a Stronger Defense

Kollmorgen offers proven co-engineering capabilities, working with a variety of defense contractors to design and build highly integrated control subsystems. Nearly 20 years ago, we helped pioneer the JDAM kits that convert “free-fall” bombs into smart munitions. Today, we’re helping make next-generation weapons systems even more accurate, at greater range, no matter how adverse the conditions. Expertise, performance, delivery and price—Kollmorgen delivers all the elements needed to coordinate a precision strike.


Direct Drive Linear and Rotary Motors

Kollmorgen pioneered the development of direct drive technology. Today, our Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) and Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motors bring you industry-leading performance, zero maintenance, clean mechanical assembly, improved accuracy, higher throughput, better reliability, and smooth, quiet operation.

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