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Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems play an increasing role in defense, security, and monitoring from aircraft, land vehicles and shipboard systems. These systems must provide smooth, error free movement in the azimuth and elevation axes. Mounted to a variety of platforms, many EO/IR systems are subject to the most extreme conditions imaginable. With Kollmorgen’s motor technology embedded, these systems have been operating successfully for over 30 years. When these critical systems need high-performance motion, today’s EO/IR OEMs rely on Kollmorgen.

Small & Powerful Solutions

Utilizing decades of experience, Kollmorgen provides motor technology that enables smooth, accurate, and stable motion to position image sensors and long-range detection systems. Kollmorgen’s frameless motor technology is optimized for torque-dense, yet lightweight solutions. These rugged motors are directly coupled to the internal workings of the EO/IR system to provide the visual integrity and stability needed by the user.

Minimize Risk with Your Proven Partner

Kollmorgen has many decades of experience supplying motion components designed for reliability in the most demanding of defense applications. We continue to innovate and consistently meet the increasing demands of today’s battlefield, as well as the battlefield of the future. With our global engineering expertise and manufacturing facilities and capabilities, Kollmorgen is ready to deliver the standard and customized motion components needed to support any weapon system, anywhere in the world.

Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Requirements

The ability to integrate core motor technologies into a customer's unique application is a key competency of Kollmorgen. Our expertise allows us to modify standard products, such as our award winning TBM and KBM frameless platforms, or develop entirely custom solutions leveraging our extensive product portfolio.

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Top Products for Electro-optical & Infrared Systems

TBM Series Frameless

Our TBM series provides direct drive frameless motors designed to be directly embedded in the mechanical structure of your systems, minimizing weight, size and inertia without sacrificing performance.

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RBE Series Frameless

The frameless configuration of these relatively high-torque, low-speed, pancake-style motors eliminates shaft, bearings, endbells and couplings for reduced volume, weight and complexity when integrated directly with the load.

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Design Tools

Use our advanced design tools to get a quick start choosing the right motors for your application. Then rely on our co-engineering expertise to achieve the exact specifications and modifications you need for optimum performance, quality, manufacturability and cost. Kollmorgen’s self-service, web-based design tools include:

Product Selectors

For direct selection of products when you already know your torque, speed, sizing and other requirements.

Start Comparing


For guided product selection when you know your application requirements but not the necessary torque and speed.

Size Your Application

Performance Curve Generator

For visualizing speed and torque based on winding factor, ambient temperature, drive current and other factors

Generate Curves

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Get Started

Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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For more than 100 years, Kollmorgen has been creating innovative solutions that bring big ideas to reality, keep the world safer and improve lives. Our history of reliability is unsurpassed, and our solutions are supported through engineering centers of excellence and customer service in all major regions of the world.

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