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If you design and build motion systems for use in aircraft or on the battlefield, one overriding principle drives everything you do: failure is not an option. Surveillance, defense and weapons systems need to respond instantly, accurately and reliably, 100 percent of the time, even under the harshest conditions and most demanding duty cycles.

These systems must also meet requirements of weight, size, efficiency, and performance that go far beyond the needs of typical industrial solutions. Kollmorgen solutions are anything but typical. They’re designed to prevail, by land, sea or air. That’s why, since the founding of our business, we’ve always been a leading motion supplier to aerospace and defense contractors.

Electro-optical/Infrared Systems

Electro-optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems play an increasing role in defense, security, and monitoring from aircraft, land vehicles and shipboard systems. These systems must provide smooth, error free movement in the azimuth and elevation axes. When these critical systems need high-performance motion, today’s EO/IR OEMs rely on Kollmorgen.
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Military Robotics

Opportunities to put new robotic-enabled capability into the hands of soldiers and hazardous duty personnel continue to emerge. Kollmorgen motors deliver precise, smooth, reliable motion in a compact form factor to ensure success.

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Missiles and Guided Munitions

In precision strike warfare, accurate targeting is of paramount importance. From the earliest inertial systems through “line-of-sight” systems such as laser or IR guidance, targeting efficiency has continuously improved while putting fewer air crews at risk.

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Radar Satcom Systems

The ability to respond quickly to incoming threats depends on real-time accuracy and high image resolution. And the accuracy and resolution of these images depends on the size of the antenna and the ability to position it with continuous and unfailing precision.

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Unmanned Systems

Unmanned ground, aerial and undersea vehicles (UGVs , UAVs and UUVs) have transformed both offensive and defensive capabilities—performing dangerous jobs by remote control without putting personnel in harm’s way.

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Naval Systems

Naval vessels are becoming more sophisticated and the roles they fulfill are expanding. Advanced systems for weapon targeting, threat detection, surveillance and ship-board automation are just a few application examples that are keeping military personnel safe while helping them perform more effectively at sea.

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Remote Weapon Stations

Removing the warfighter from harm’s way, remotely operated weapons and their motion systems must provide reliable, accurate and continuous results, all while surviving the rugged environments in which they are fielded.

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