If you design and build motion systems for use in aircraft or on the battlefield, one overriding principle drives everything you do: Failure is not an option. Surveillance, defense and weapons systems need to respond instantly, accurately and reliably, 100 percent of the time, even under the harshest conditions and most demanding duty cycles.

These systems must also meet requirements of weight, size, efficiency, and performance that go far beyond the needs of typical industrial solutions. Kollmorgen solutions are anything but typical. They’re designed to prevail, by land, sea or air. That’s why, since the founding of our business, we’ve always been a leading motion supplier to aerospace and defense contractors.

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Ground and Sea Vehicles Solution

Ground Vehicles and Sea Systems

Power generation systems and motor-driven equipment require motion components that are compact and light, yet absolutely robust and reliable in operation.

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Radar Pedestals solution

Radar Pedestals and Tracking Stations

The quality of the image—and the ability to respond effectively—depends on the speed and precision of the tracking system.

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Weapon Stations solution

Weapon Stations

The challenge of engaging a moving target from a moving platform calls for the stability of perfectly controlled multi-axis motion.

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Unammed UAV solution

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned ground, aerial and undersea vehicles (UGVs, UAVs and UUVs) depend on multiple sensing, guidance and control systems that must be light, compact, energy efficient and absolutely dependable.

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Missles and Guided Munitions solution

Missiles and Precision-Guided Munitions

Smart guidance systems depend on servo motors that provide fast, precise and powerful motion in a compact, lightweight package.

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Kollmorgen offers rugged and reliable motor solutions for everything from door actuators and cargo handling systems to flight control surfaces and tracking systems.

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