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e-Learning Opportunities

e-Learning at Kollmorgen covers a wide range of "e" - That is "electronic" means to deliver learning, whether it is a self paced course, short video lesson, a blended course (instructor monitored/on-line), or simply a library of knowledge you can explore. By providing a variety of learning options, you can choose which style fits both your learning style and your schedule best. Consider these options as you determine your training needs. Kollmorgen frequently utilizes social media feeds on a variety of topics through our Social Focus Weeks - we pick a topic for the week and post interesting information, articles, and even a few questions on the topic to challenge you. Past topics include inertia, compliance, feedback devices, application sizing - so follow us on our social media feeds and join in the discussion!

On-line Courses:

Kollmorgen has been developing on-line courses for a number of years to deliver to our internal team and channel partners. We are now bringing this style of learning to our customers as well starting with one of our programming courses: AKD BASIC. This online module, intended for those who are using the AKD BASIC drive, leads you through a series of exercises that help acquaint you to the programming environment. This course culminates in a review of a "keystone" program based on a project of your choice. List Price for this on-line course is $300.

AKD BASIC On-Line Course: Register here >

For students registered in our on-line courses, you can access the Blackboard Learn site here >

Video Series:

Two Minutes of Motion Series – This series, hosted by Gordon Ritchie is designed to be a single topic, informative training session – a quick “How To” that you can take in within a short 2 minutes. The focus on these sessions has been on both AKD BASIC and the AKD base units, but also covers many aspects of motions control, including feedback devices, servo loops, and other related topics.

In addition to our Two Minutes of Motion Series videos, we have created other informative as well as entertaining segments, such as Modern Machine. With a production of 10 – 12 videos per month, our list will continue to expand. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get notified of new video releases!

Knowledge Center:

In the Knowledge Center, there are a variety of assets you will find on a wide range of topics. If you are looking for application examples, check out the Success Stories section. Browse through our White Paper section to learn about how we apply technology to motion control, understand EMI noise reduction, or learn more about stepper motors. We also have a convenient Knowledge Search Center - type in your question to see if we have the answer - and if not, submit your question and our crack team of motion control experts will get you an answer - fast! You can also find our Video Gallery located here as well.