Motion Solutions

Motion Solutions, from Kollmorgen, contains a number of helpful motion control application aids and product specifications to assist design engineers in building economical, easy-to-apply motion control systems. The new version of Motion Solutions is now available by CD-ROM (free of charge) or by download (see below). You can either install just the sizing software or the entire package, which includes presentations, manuals and tutorials, and more.

Our new version includes:

  • Support for sizing AKM™, Cartridge DDR® and DDR motors
  • Technical information and manuals on the Digital MMC
  • The ability to size a lift cam application
  • Enhanced graphing capability of the motion profile
  • The ability to create a master/slave motion profile in sizing instead of a point-to-point profile
  • The ability to export your motion profile in a format that can be used directly by PiCPro® 

Motion Solutions Features:

  • Multiple mechanism types to choose from. Create a new application, do a quick search, or open an existing application.
  • Select the actuator to start defining a new application. You can select actuator type, drive product family, motor family, and reducer type.
  • Search results with available vs. required torque and load-to-motor inertia ratio.
  • Velocity or cam profile options including S-profile with variable jerk %.

Refer to the installation notes and instructions for converting existing project files for use with the new version of Motion Solutions.


Software Versions Brands Links
 Motion Solutions - V4.0.1 Minimal Install
MS_Setup_V4.0.1_20Oct08(min).zip (33 MB)
 MMC Smart Drives
w/ Kollmorgen servo motors
Download V4.0.1 MINIMAL Install
 Motion Solutions - V4.0.1 Full Install
MS_Setup_V4.0.1_20Oct08(full).zip (464 MB)
 MMC Smart Drives
w/ Kollmorgen servo motors
Download V4.0.1 FULL Install

System Development Aids (full version or CDROM only)

  • Servo sizing software that lets users plug in load and motion parameters to find the right servo amplifiers and motors to build a reliable, economical motion control system.
  • A complete reference library containing application success case histories, training course outlines for all PiCPro® motion control systems, .DXF and .DWG files ideal for motion control system design, system manuals and programming tutorials, and a desktop motion simulator.
  • Complete descriptions and specifications for PiCPro® motion control systems include:
    • MMC™ -Machine and Motion Control offers user-friendly control solutions for 1- to 20-axis applications.
    • MMC for PC provides all the ease-of-use advantages of MMC in a robust package designed for PC-resident systems.
    • Block I/O distributed I/O modules are specifically matched to perform with MMC and PiC™ control systems.
    • MMC and PiC software, including PiCPro for Windows, provides total motion and logic control in a single programming environment.
    • MMC Smart Drive and Centurion™ servo systems include a full model range of high-performance servo amplifiers and motors to fit every need.
    • Exter® operator interfaces and terminals are available for every HMI requirement. 


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