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Micron MOTIONEERING® is a complete web-based sizing, selection, and pricing application tool for Kollmorgen's wide variety of gearhead products. Two simple modes of operation make selection easy. After selecting a primary configuration for mounting and ratio, simply enter your application requirements for torque, speed and load. More advanced capabilities of motion profile and radial/axial force calculations can be performed. Choose from a wide assortment of pre-configured motors or enter your own custom motor dimensions. Program outputs include 3D model downloads, list prices, delivery times and ordering information.

Sizing and Selection by Application Requirement

  • Primary configuration entries (mount, backlash, ratio requirements)
  • Torque/speed entries via manual inputs or by motion profile
  • Radial and axial force and distances can be considered
  • Motor selection by manufacturer or custom entry
  • Application and entry summary
  • Solution set includes specifications, list price, lead time


Gearhead Selection by Model Number

  • Selection of gearhead by family and design type
  • Frame size and ratio selection
  • RediMount™ kit generic configuration
  • Pre-configured motor or custom entry