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Design Tools

Kollmorgen offers the right tools to help you build a better machine faster. Our motion experts are here to help you along the way.

Direct Selection

Product Selectors

Already know your torque and speed requirements for a motor? Or your current and voltage requirements for a drive? Enter your parameters to narrow your search, compare our products, and find what best fits your needs.

  • Servo Motors & Servo Drives
  • Direct Drive Rotary Motors
  • Stepper Motors & Stepper Drives
  • Electrical Cylinders
  • Direct Drive Linear Motors
  • Synchronous Motors

Guided Selection


Know your application requirements but not the necessary torque and speed? Use Motioneering to size your mechanism project, and find motor and drive pairings that fit your needs.

  • Leadscrew, Conveyor
  • Rack and Pinion, Nip Rolls
  • Belt and Pulley
  • Rotary
  • Linear
  • Electric Cylinder

Need Further Guidance?

Consult an Expert

Other Tools

Performance Curve Generator Tools

Adjust winding factor, ambient temperature, drive current, and more to generate speed/torque curves for frameless & housed motors.

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3D Models

Select and size the right motion solution for your design with our fully configurable 3D CAD Models.

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Stepper Optimizer

Find which motor frame size will fit your application, and produce a torque/speed curve for your drive. You can also use our Application Sizing section to find the best solution that fits your application requirements.

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