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AKD2G Safe Dynamic Braking Calculator

Shown below are graphs for Stopping Time and Braking Current. Beneath the graphs is a summary of the information and assumptions provided to generate these curves and the required rating of the necessary relay and resistor components for your 2G Motion System Safe Dynamic Brake. Refer to the appropriate AKD2G Installation Manual for information on installation and setup of the Safe Dynamic Brake components.

The AKD2G Safe Dynamic Braking calculator is a tool that will assist you in determining the Stopping Time for the motor when using the AKD2G’s Safe Dynamic Brake (SDB) function. In some applications, it will be beneficial to short the motor wires via “Safe” relays rather than using an electromechanical holding brake. In addition to the Stopping Time the calculator will provide you information on the Braking Current for the purpose of determining contactor and resistor ratings in the SDB circuit.

Please refer to AKD2G-S Installation Manual, Safety Manual section for details and wiring examples associated with the SDB function.

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Click calculate to begin. Calculations may take seconds or up to a few minutes, depending on your parameters, motor and browser performance
Min Braking Resistance: [Ohms]
@External ResistanceEst. Stopping Time [ms]Min. Braking Contactor RatingsMin. Braking Resistor Ratings
Braking Current [Arms]Braking Current [Arms]Braking Power [Watts]
* NOTE: Recommended contactor and resistor ratings are based on average, short circuit current values during motor dynamic braking.

Notice - AKD2G Safe Dynamic Braking is part of the AKD2G SafeMotion Functionality as described in the relevant AKD2G documentation. Operation of the Safe Dynamic Brake function depends on accurate inputs from the user in the calculator, correct installation, and proper application/use of the function. It is possible to permanently damage the motor (demagnetization) beyond repairability if improper conditions occur.