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White Papers

2G Motion System: Best by Design
27 Jan 2020

When you need optimal motion control, the intuitive solution is to choose best-inclass components, regardless of vendor mix. But as an engineer, you know that intuitive doesn’t always mean right.

2G Motion System: New Thinking for Improving Performance—Without Redesigning Your Machine
27 Jan 2020

With access to higher-resolution feedback devices, faster processors, sharper vision systems, and more sophisticated communication buses, your competitors can offer innovative, value-added features with each new machine generation. Staying ahead of this competition can be particularly challenging for lean engineering teams with limited resources.

AC PM Servo Drive Amplifiers: Different Servo Motor Phase and Commutation Alignments
08 Jan 2020

The issues with commutation alignment between servo motors and servo drives, especially when the motor and drive are from different manufactures,can be quite challenging. Understanding typical design challenges can help you tackle motor phase-sequencing issues.

Grounding and Shielding Existing Equipment
14 Aug 2019

Grounding and Shielding is an often misunderstood process. It is common to hear quotes ranging from “it’s just black art!” to “the rules change all the time!” and “there’s no way to understand it!” These emotional statements are repeated but not true. There is a process, it hasn’t changed, and the more one knows about coupling mechanisms the more one will see that it’s sound engineering principals.

15 Apr 2019
This article explores additional servo motor sizing considerations and the often-resulting communication issues that may arise for an application requiring a dominantly maintained load with little movement through an in-depth explanation of the term: Stall, as typically utilized in the servo motor industry. This information is then utilized relative to the axis’ effective RMS force/torque calculation for proper motor sizing.
14 Feb 2019
In this white paper written by Robotics Business Review and Kollmorgen, the benefits of going with a frameless motor design - such as efficiency, system bandwidth and a smaller footprint - are explored.
AKMH™ Durable and Hygienic Servo Motors
23 Jan 2019

Producing wholesome quality food is challenging work. In addition to designing and manufacturing creative and tasty products, a laser focus on food safety is necessary for food processing companies to survive and thrive. Effective sanitation of machinery and facilities is critical in the production of safe food products.

Managing PM AC Servo Motor Overloads: Thermal Time Constant
07 May 2018

When intermittent power density is of a required high value, you may not want to use classic RMS calculations and speed-torque performance curves as your only method to select a servo motor and drive. Doing so might cause an under-sizing of the motor or drive.

Getting started sizing & selecting servos
11 Apr 2018

Sizing and selecting a servo motor system for a machine design begins by understanding the components that make a servo motor or servo-drive system. Servo systems are closed-loop, controlling some desired motion. They incorporate a feedback device that provides constant information between the motor and drive to precisely control position, speed and torque to the mechanism being driven.

01 Sep 2017

Direct Drive servo motor and drive technology not only reduces an axis’ parts count, mechanical losses and often its objectionable noise; Direct drive technology also increases a machine’s efficiency, lowering operation cost for the user due to its inertia ratio, as compared to the more common mechanically advantaged multi-body axis designs. Reducing the mechanical transmission components such as gearboxes, timing belts, pulleys, cams, lead screws and so on, between the motor and its load is only part of the savings!