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White Papers

Build a Better Patient Experience Into Your Imaging Device, Kollmorgen
22 Apr 2021

Every radiology department wants to deliver the highest-quality diagnoses to support the highest-quality patient care. The key to improving the patient experience is precise motion under perfect control. That’s Kollmorgen’s specialty.

Kollmorgen Motors for Medical Imaging: Proven Processes, Reliable Delivery
22 Apr 2021

Few business challenges are as formidable as designing, manufacturing and delivering medical imaging equipment to healthcare organizations around the world. From mechanical and electrical components, to communication and control systems, to motion programming and automation software—every element must be perfectly orchestrated. With more than 100 years of motion leadership, including over 40 years designing, manufacturing and supplying motion products for medical device applications, Kollmorgen delivers motion systems with proven reliability, from initial design through trusted service, to serve the needs of healthcare customers around the world.

Connecting Motion Control in the Factory
31 Mar 2021

This paper reviews options that are available for Ethernet and non-Ethernet connections within the motion controller. It begins with a summary of what information can be transferred in and out of the motion controller followed by network and non-network examples for communicating with controllers. Finally, it presents the factors that need to be considered when choosing the right solutions for your factory.

Calculating the Total Value of Hygienic Machine Design
10 Mar 2021

Washdown is a principal cause of motor failure. OEMs and producers spend a lot of money to protect motors, and lose a lot on downtime. But there’s a better way.

Evolving the Rules of Inertia Matching, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

The accepted principle of matching motor to load inertia is no longer pertinent with today’s faster processors and advanced control algorithms.

5 Motion Tips for Optimal Tool-Less Cutting Performance
29 Jun 2020

Plasma, laser and waterjet cutting machines all have one thing in common: customers are looking for next-generation performance. When manufacturers purchase a new or upgraded machine, they’re focused on the capabilities that will allow faster, more reliable production of higher-quality products. That means your reputation and success as a machine builder depend on demonstrating the best performance, the best design and the best integration.

2G Motion System: Best by Design
27 Jan 2020

When you need optimal motion control, the intuitive solution is to choose best-inclass components, regardless of vendor mix. But as an engineer, you know that intuitive doesn’t always mean right.

2G Motion System: New Thinking for Improving Performance—Without Redesigning Your Machine
27 Jan 2020

With access to higher-resolution feedback devices, faster processors, sharper vision systems, and more sophisticated communication buses, your competitors can offer innovative, value-added features with each new machine generation. Staying ahead of this competition can be particularly challenging for lean engineering teams with limited resources.

AC PM Servo Drive Amplifiers: Different Servo Motor Phase and Commutation Alignments
08 Jan 2020

The issues with commutation alignment between servo motors and servo drives, especially when the motor and drive are from different manufactures,can be quite challenging. Understanding typical design challenges can help you tackle motor phase-sequencing issues.

Grounding and Shielding Existing Equipment
14 Aug 2019

Grounding and Shielding is an often misunderstood process. It is common to hear quotes ranging from “it’s just black art!” to “the rules change all the time!” and “there’s no way to understand it!” These emotional statements are repeated but not true. There is a process, it hasn’t changed, and the more one knows about coupling mechanisms the more one will see that it’s sound engineering principals.