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 Stepper Motor Family Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Technology Greatly Simplifies Machine Design

Technology Brief - Q & A - If extensive wiring in your application is proving to be a difficult issue, then stepper motors are the best choice as they require significantly less wiring then a typical servo motor.

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 /uploadedImages/Kollmorgencom/Service_and_Support/Knowledge_Center/Technology_Briefs/Fig2_AKD_PDMM_lores.jpg Reduce Development Costs, Simplify Integration and Improve Performance of Packaging Machinery with AKD® PDMM

Technology Brief - Q & A - Learn how AKD PDMM technology reflects changes and trends in the packaging industry.

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 Trends in Mechatronics

Trends in Mechatronics

Technology Brief - Q & A - Learn what trends are occurring in mechatronics and what end users need to learn to begin implementing useful mechatronic solutions in their applications. 

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Motion Buses vs Ethernet  Motion Buses vs Ethernet

Technology Brief - Q & A - Get straight talk on both and learn why we expect Ethernet will prevail.

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Designing for Manufacturability  Designing for Manufacturability

Technology Brief - Capabilities Overview - Discusses how machine control systems that feature servo drives with built-in controllers deliver capabilities that significantly enhance productivity in manufacturing environments.

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Explanation on Embedded Controllers

Explanation on PAC and PLC Embedded Controllers

Technology Brief - Gives insight on how drive-based automation controllers empower machine builders to implement new system topologies and reduce machine footprint - all while reducing total system cost.

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 KBM Success Story Image  KBM® Brushless Motors Maximize Performance in New Machine Tool

Technology Brief - Success Story - Illustrates how one machine builder applied KBM motors to improve machine performance while also lowering overall operating costs.

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All in one - AKD

AKD® Servo Drives with CANopen® and EtherCAT®

Technology Brief - Q&A Format - The AKD servo drive offers the functionality of the base analog drive, indexing drive, CANopen drive and EtherCAT drive, all in one product.

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Packaging Motion Control Trends

Insight to Packaging Machine Control Trends

Technology Brief - Q&A Format - Use of robotics (i.e. Delta Robots) and control flexibility to integrate machine modules and/or options dynamically is increasing. As OEMs push the envelope of machine throughput, features and methodologies historically reserved for other market segments are being widely utilized.

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