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SITI-B&T provides an AGV system for automated trolley handling.

A leading supplier to the automotive industry uses AGVs to automate trolley handling in their plastics molding department, moving operators to other duties. SITI B&T Group, a Kollmorgen partner, has delivered the AGV system which is based on Kollmorgen’s AGV control products.

By using AGVs to automate the trolley handling in the plastics molding department, the production process becomes more flexible and logical. It also makes it possible to move operators to other duties. There are many benefits to using the AGV system. The materials are handled according to the criteria defined by the supervisory system, following the plant’s production needs. “Every task is optimized in order to reduce mileage and perform requests in the shortest possible time; it means an increase in productivity” says Andrea Marazzoli, Technical Engineer at SITI B&T Group S.p.A.

The AGV functionality at the plant is to transport trolleys in both directions between production stations and storage. The AGV picks up the trolleys from the press machines and take them to the storage area close to the next processing stage. Once the full trolley is unloaded, the AGV goes to the empty trolley storage, picks it up and takes it to the press machines, where it leaves empty ones and picks up full ones. When the vehicles do not have missions they are sent to the battery station to recharge and wait for the next mission. The system aims to reduce operating costs by freeing up the operators who previously moved the trolleys for other duties.

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