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Extending Design Life and Performance
27 Jan 2020

A major producer of food-slicing equipment needed a new servo system solution when the CAN fieldbus module used by its existing controller reached end of life and was no longer available. The manufacturer engaged Kollmorgen to provide the technology and co-engineering expertise needed to deliver the required motion control.

Kollmorgen Solution Catapults PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine to Top Producer in the World
24 Jan 2020

A major bottling operation in China needed to substantially increase output in order to ensure future success in a highly competitive market. The company engaged Kollmorgen motion experts in early 2019 to help minimize the machine’s indexing time.

Kollmorgen Automation Suite injects some pace into metalworking
30 Sep 2019

Cut to length in no time at all, with no shavings and hardly any burs: Kollmorgen Automation Suite injects some pace into metalworking

Motion Control for intelligent hydraulics
08 Aug 2019

KOLLMORGEN develops a standardized servo solution for fluids applications.

Success story: To get the casting die oscillating
15 May 2019

What's new in continuous casting: SMS Concast develops actuator-driven oscillation with direct drives by KOLLMORGEN.

Peening extends life
22 Apr 2019

Freymatic is building shot peening plants for the construction of aircraft engines – and, to do this, it's opting for Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN to achieve high quality requirements

KOLLMORGEN FREYMATIC LeanCut Machine Brick Industry
15 Apr 2019

Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN makes fast and precise cuts from the column of clay

Kollmorgen success story: The precise geometry of 3D cutting
15 Mar 2019

KBM motors as a byword for accuracy in laser cutting

Kollmorgen - 3D Cutting for large formats
22 Feb 2019

Success Stories: Kollmorgen frameless direct drive linear motors for metal cutting

B8 Model MELD Machine
01 Feb 2019
MELD Manufacturing achieved major breakthroughs in materials additive manufacturing with MELD technology – a solid-state process that requires no melting used to manufacture and repair parts. Throughout the development process, Kollmorgen engineers and MELD Manufacturing worked together to achieve optimum precision and power.