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Bring Logistics

Bring Logistics minimizes operational costs with automated VNA trucks.

Bring Logistics uses automated warehouse trucks to minimize operational costs in their new warehouse in Berger, north of Oslo.

Bring Logistics, a leading third party logistics provider in the Nordic region, opened a highly automated warehouse in Berger, outside Oslo, in 2010. In the very narrow aisle racking area, automated warehouse trucks handle the pallets. The system consists of seven automated warehouse trucks supplied by Rocla, one of Kollmorgen’s channel partners. The very narrow aisle racking area where the vehicles operate contains a total of 81,200 pallet places up to a height of 10.65 meters. The automated trucks pick up and leave their loads at a conveyor when transporting pallets in and out from the racking area. Transport capacity is 173 pallets an hour. – We operate two shifts five days a week. Automating pallet handling was a more cost efficient solution than using a manual solution, explains Mr. Geir Nielsen, Logistic Director at Bring Logistics. The automated solution requires less personnel and you get less damage to pallets, goods, racks and trucks. The temperature in the narrow aisle racking area is lower and there is less light than in a traditional warehouse with manual VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks—all of which reduces energy consumption. The automated warehouse trucks use multi-navigation—laser navigation in the master aisle and inductive wire navigation in the narrow aisles. The truck operates in aisles with a width of 1.8 m. The trucks have a lifting height of 10.65 m and a capacity of 1,000 kg (750 kg at 10.65 m).

Kollmorgen, a leading manufacturer of driverless control technology, and Rocla Oy, a leading AGV system supplier, are strategic global partners in applications for automated transportation based on Kollmorgen’s AGV controls technology. Kollmorgen control solutions are used in more than 17,000 AGVs around the globe. Kollmorgen’s AGV control solution promises lower total costs for system integrators and end-users. It is applicationindependent and scalable and works with all AGVs, from the small and simple to the big and complex. It is also easy to integrate with host systems and material handling systems, and because the same platform is used everywhere, the same engineering skill set applies for all types of applications.

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