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Success Stories

Automating Systems for Sheet Metal Forming, Kollmorgen
29 Jun 2020

An Italian-based machine builder, supporting over 1,500 factories worldwide with manufacturing solutions for chimney pipes, air conditioning, automotive, and medical-pharmaceutical applications, wanted to position their new machine to take advantage of the growing market trend of increasing variation in pipe shapes and sizes. Kollmorgen engineers suggested a direct drive approach to eliminate the productivity limitations of the gears and belts, including the resulting system compliance that prevents quicker moves and reduces cut quality.

Success story: To get the casting die oscillating
15 May 2019

What's new in continuous casting: SMS Concast develops actuator-driven oscillation with direct drives by KOLLMORGEN.

Kollmorgen success story: The precise geometry of 3D cutting
15 Mar 2019

KBM motors as a byword for accuracy in laser cutting

Kollmorgen - 3D Cutting for large formats
22 Feb 2019

Success Stories: Kollmorgen frameless direct drive linear motors for metal cutting

Hannover: Where The Robots Come From
21 May 2018

KOLLMORGEN servo motors provide boost for start-up in Lower Saxony

17 Apr 2017

UR 5 and UR 10 are the names of the two models with which Universal Robots aim to establish the flexibility of articulated arm robots in industrial production. The focus is on work areas in which conventional robots have thus far been too big, too expensive, and too loud. Due to their low weight they can be used wherever they are needed. A large part of the power density of the six-axis articulated robots comes from specially adapted KBM motors from Kollmorgen. Universal Robots was able to embed the motors directly into the articulation axes without need for additional housings.

23 May 2016
Interconnected engineering service increases productivity and creates tangible added value
26 Aug 2015

Challenge: ReliantHeart, Inc., an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies, sought to advance Left Ventricular Device (LVAD) technology by improving power efficiency of its drive system and charging components eliminating drivelines that exit the patient's body and attach to an external controller.

11 Sep 2014
Challenge: Expand the functionality of pharmaceutical packaging machines to support new requirements that demand a reliable vision system.Solution: Robust direct drive technology using KBM that integrates an automated visual inspection process into existing machines without a gearbox platform.
29 Aug 2014


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