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Success Stories

Kollmorgen Automation Suite injects some pace into metalworking
30 Sep 2019

Cut to length in no time at all, with no shavings and hardly any burs: Kollmorgen Automation Suite injects some pace into metalworking

KOLLMORGEN FREYMATIC LeanCut Machine Brick Industry
15 Apr 2019

Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN makes fast and precise cuts from the column of clay

Servo solution for tube extrusion
08 May 2018

Servo solution by KOLLMORGEN: Clean cuts with linear motor and rotating blades.

22 Nov 2016

Traditional injections molding machines use fixed-speed, three-phase motors that run continuously to drive the hydraulic pumps that power the machine. Excess hydraulic oil, which is especially generated during the “clamp hold” and “cooling” portion of the cycle, is bled out through relief valves. This approach wastes large volumes of energy and also shortens the life of the oil.

30 Sep 2016
CDDR Direct Drive and AKD PDMM Motion Controllers for accurate lacquering of screw caps
10 May 2016
Known for manufacturing paper bags, laminating and flexo-printing machines, Nort Makina has designed and developed a new paper bag-manufacturing machin. Developed using standard technology, as well as specialised technology, the machine has a minimum of 8 rotational axes, and is capable of engaging as many as 30 rotational axes, depending on client specifications. All the electronic systems and software built into this machine were developed by Kollmorgen Elsim.
20 Jan 2016

First in Turkey in the field of Plastic Injections, Tisse and Kollmorgen have together developed an electric-hydraulic Hybrid Machine. The Hybrid Machine can manufacture difficult and sensitive products at high speeds; its power and quality eliminate problems like ejection errors and high quantity of wastage. It also increases the production rate and provides energy efficiency up to 35-40% compared to the competition.

IMA-PG - Packaging Machine - 450 Blisters per Minute
08 Sep 2014

450 Blisters per Minute
PLC, motion control, drive as one unit: A complete solution for PG Express

Tecno5 - Glass Printing
05 Aug 2014

The use of direct drive servo technology represents only one of the advantage points for the optimization of the screen printing machine which Kollmorgen worked on from its earliest stages of development.

Lafer - Complete Motion Solution For Packaging
21 Jul 2014


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