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Success Stories

Peening extends life
22 Apr 2019

Freymatic is building shot peening plants for the construction of aircraft engines – and, to do this, it's opting for Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN to achieve high quality requirements

B8 Model MELD Machine
01 Feb 2019
MELD Manufacturing achieved major breakthroughs in materials additive manufacturing with MELD technology – a solid-state process that requires no melting used to manufacture and repair parts. Throughout the development process, Kollmorgen engineers and MELD Manufacturing worked together to achieve optimum precision and power.
30 Jan 2019
Keiding, Inc., leverages AKD® servo drives and AKM64L servo motors on a new molding machine to fuel state-of-the-art molded fiber packaging.
Virtual reality and servo motors: a dynamic partnership
20 Jun 2018

With efficient torque density, the 3 DOF platforms powered by KOLLMORGEN Servo for a VR roller coaster become reality.

Alesa - Grinding Machine - Cutting edge: The shark’s teeth
02 Oct 2017
Saw blade manufacturer Alesa develops its own grinding machine with Washdown servo motors from KOLLMORGEN with single-cable connection technology.
18 Sep 2017
Direct drives with braking modules from KOLLMORGEN provide noticeable energy savings in coil handling.
23 Jun 2017

For the pre-ferment, Bühler has developed a solution - JetMix - Better hygiene thanks to KOLLMORGEN’s stainless steel servo motor

12 Jun 2017
Scaled technology and functioning interfaces are essential for Swiss Can Machinery / Hygienic drives from KOLLMORGEN
22 Nov 2016

Traditional injections molding machines use fixed-speed, three-phase motors that run continuously to drive the hydraulic pumps that power the machine. Excess hydraulic oil, which is especially generated during the “clamp hold” and “cooling” portion of the cycle, is bled out through relief valves. This approach wastes large volumes of energy and also shortens the life of the oil.

30 May 2016
Metalworking: Zinser opts for Kollmorgen servo technology in its CNC cutting center