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Success Stories

NDC Solutions, Kollmorgen, Yeefung
05 Sep 2018

Yeefung, an AGV partner to Kollmorgen, has developed a new generation of their car parking robot.

Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, High Reach AGV in Solar Panel Manufacturing
02 Jul 2018
Seraphim Solar System have improved accuracy and efficiency in their warehouse by introducing AGVs.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, High Reach AGV in 3PL warehouse
15 Jun 2018
By using high-reach AGVs, Ocean East International Logistics decrease their operational cost.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Mobile Robots for Hospitals
12 Sep 2017
The AGV System at Herlev Hospital in Denmark use Natural Navigation.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Smart Mobile Robots at Philips
01 Sep 2017
Asti has implemented an AGV system for Philips, that uses Kollmorgen’s next generation technology.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Mobile Robots (AGVs) in Hospital
16 Mar 2017
The new navigation technology simplifies the expansion of systems since no changes are needed in the infrastructure.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Arla Foods in Götene, Sweden
11 Dec 2015
Arla Foods uses an AGV system that has expanded over time in a dairy warehouse.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Borealis
01 Dec 2015
Borealis uses AGVs to minimize operational cost and damage to goods.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, System Group
24 May 2015
The collaboration between Kollmorgen and Gruppo System Spa resulted in the creation of an AGV vehicle which was 100% customized for a “big player” in the automotive sector.
Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, Transbotics
03 Feb 2015
An international primary metal manufacturer uses Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in a new plant to move heavy loads in a high temperature environment.