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Success Stories

Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, High Reach AGV in Solar Panel Manufacturing
02 Jul 2018
Seraphim Solar System have improved accuracy and efficiency in their warehouse by introducing AGVs.
Virtual reality and servo motors: a dynamic partnership
20 Jun 2018

With efficient torque density, the 3 DOF platforms powered by KOLLMORGEN Servo for a VR roller coaster become reality.

Kollmorgen NDCSolutions, High Reach AGV in 3PL warehouse
15 Jun 2018
By using high-reach AGVs, Ocean East International Logistics decrease their operational cost.
Index - The All-Around Solution in Metal Machining
06 Jun 2018

Everything is turning: AKM servomotors from KOLLMORGEN in CNC multi-spindle machines from INDEX

Direct Drive Absolute Value Unit
04 Jun 2018

Machinery in a variety of industrial sectors has benefited from the properties, safety standards, compactness and precision of the positioning units driven by KOLLMORGEN linear motors.

Hannover: Where The Robots Come From
21 May 2018

KOLLMORGEN servo motors provide boost for start-up in Lower Saxony

Servo solution for tube extrusion
08 May 2018

Servo solution by KOLLMORGEN: Clean cuts with linear motor and rotating blades.

16 Feb 2018

Hygienic machine components should be designed to work with existing cleaning regimens, not against them. The AKMH™ Servo Motor is built to withstand the most rigorous wash-down regimens.

04 Dec 2017
For the pre-ferment, Bühler has developed a solution - JetMix - Better hygiene thanks to KOLLMORGEN’s stainless steel servo motor
Alesa - Grinding Machine - Cutting edge: The shark’s teeth
02 Oct 2017
Saw blade manufacturer Alesa develops its own grinding machine with Washdown servo motors from KOLLMORGEN with single-cable connection technology.