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Literature Center

Welcome to our Literature Center! Below you'll find links to brochures and flyers for some of our newest or most prominent products. You will find comprehensive documentation on the respective product pages, or you can use the search function as well to look for documents. The search is located in the Top Navigation on the right.


Catalog for the Kollmorgen KBM series brushless motors. From the motor kit directly to the motion solution.

Kollmorgen KBM Selection Guide interactive flip book

01 Jan 2018

Kollmorgen Custom Capabilities Catalog

Custom-designed motion control, drive, and special duty motor systems to meet the most extreme performance, environmental, and application changes.

01 Jan 2018

Stepper motor with wide breadth of frame sizes and options. 

PMX Series Interactive flip book

01 Jan 2018

Catalog for the Kollmorgen TBM frameless motor series. Torquer Brushless Motor is designed to be directly embedded in your machine.

TBM Frameless Motor Selection Guide interactive flip book 

01 Jan 2018

Economy with Performance and Functionality

VLM Selection Guide interactive flip book

01 Jan 2018

Kollmorgen Full-Line Catalog

Covering Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS); Servo Drives (AKD); Servo Motors; Stepper Drives; Stepper Motors; Actuators; Planetary Gearing and PMDC.

Access the Kollmorgen Full-Line Catalog Flip Book here: Kollmorgen Full-Line Catalog FlipBook

01 Dec 2017




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