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Welcome to our Literature Center! Below you'll find links to brochures and flyers for some of our newest or most prominent products. You will find comprehensive documentation on the respective product pages, or you can use the search function as well to look for documents. The search is located in the Top Navigation on the right.


31 Aug 2018
31 Aug 2018
AKM2G Servo Motor Selection Guide (Interactive)
Interactive flipbook version of our AKM2G servo motor selection guide.
06 Aug 2018
Designed for Fast Cleaning and Increased Uptime. The AKMH stainless steel motor is designed to meet the standards for IP69K, EHEDG, and 3A and is built with FDA approved, food-grade materials.
AKMH Selection Guide interactive flipbook
14 Mar 2018

科尔摩根 运动控制及伺服系统解决方案

Kollmorgen full line catalog (CN)

26 Jan 2018

Kollmorgen AKM Series Selection Guide

The Most Versatile Synchronous Servo Motor in its Performance Class

AKM Selection Guide interactive flip book

04 Jan 2018

Catalog for the Kollmorgen Cartridge Direct Drive Rotary Motors series. CDDR combines the advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor.  

Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR Selection Guide interactive flip book

01 Jan 2018

Kollmorgen Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide.

Catalog for Kollmorgen direct drive linear motors, Rotary motors with ironcore or ironless.  

Kollmorgen Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide interactive flip book

01 Jan 2018




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