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NDC8 AGV Control System

Our NDC8 platform is a complete, general-purpose control solution for automatic forklifts and other AGVs. This application-independent, scalable solution is easy to integrate with existing vehicle designs as well as host systems and material handling solutions. Almost any AGV application can be built using the same engineering skill set. User-friendly interfaces with local language support and distinct workflows make NDC8 popular among vehicle operators.


  • A complete solution for AGVs, including controllers, drives, encoders, I/O, navigation and safety sensors, displays and manual control devices
  • A scalable and flexible solution helping partners to provide differentiated AGV solutions. I.e. from simple to complex vehicles:
    • Simple:
      • Vehicles with single steer/drive wheel
      • Pilot line-guided vehicles (inductive wire and magnetic tape navigation)
      • Basic material flows
      • Light loads
      • Manual load handling
    • Medium:
      • Vehicles with single steer/drive wheel
      • Free-ranging vehicles (laser/range/spot and magnetic/wire navigation)
      • Complex material flows
      • Light/medium loads
      • Automatic load handling
    • Complex:
      • Vehicles with multiple steer/drive wheels
      • Demanding navigation environments (laser/range/EyeWay/spot, magnetic/wire and multi-navigation)
      • Complex material flows
      • All load types, light to heavy
      • Automatic load handling


  • Works with all established navigation technologies, including laser, spot, magnetic tape, range, inductive wire and EyeWay systems
  • Seamlessly accommodates multiple navigation technologies for use in mixed environments
  • Works with all AGVs, from small and simple to big and complex
  • Rugged design for environments exposed to vibration, dust, moisture and temperature extremes
  • Complete software toolsets for efficient system design and vehicle maintenance

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