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Motion packages with innovative Single-Cable

Kollmorgen One Cable Solution AKMH AKD



High performance with minimal hardware and wiring requirements - Kollmorgen provides high performance motion control packages with an innovative single cable. The highly scalable packages are available with the high-resolution Hiperface DSL absolute encoders, and the digital resolver (SFD) feedback option which can be used for almost all standard applications. Across the full range of AKD servo drives and the AKD PDMM with integrated motion control, hardware and wiring requirements can be significantly reduced in addition to lowered planning, installation and procurement costs.

Motion cable packages are available in the following motor/drive pairings:

  • AKD & AKMH One Cable packages
  • AKD & AKM Washdown Food Gear Motor One-Cable Package
  • AKD & AKM One-Cable packages
  • AKD BASIC & AKM One-Cable packages
  • AKD PDMM & AKM One-Cable packages