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POWERPAC® K and N Series Stepper Motors

POWERPAC® hybrid stepper motors deliver more power in a smaller package. These rugged NEMA 34 and 42 (90 and 110 mm) motors combine optimal magnetics in a housingless frame with a large diameter rotor and innovative rotor-stator design to produce more torque and smoother microstepping. The K Series incorporates flux-focusing SIGMAX® technology for higher acceleration with 25 percent more torque.
*limited availability in Europe
Companion Products 
P7000 Series

Kollmorgen's P7000 stepper drives provide you servo-like system performance with the cost and simplicity...

  • Wide range of standard options
  • Affordable co-engineered modifications with a short lead time to meet unique application requirements
  • N3 models, NEMA 34 (90 mm) motors are available in 4 stack lengths with torque ratings from 3.2 to 15.4 N-m (454 to 2,180 oz-in) nominal holding torque.
  • K3 models, NEMA 34 (90 mm) motors are available in 4 stack lengths with torque ratings from 4.08 to 19.7 N-m (578 to 2,790 oz-in) nominal holding torque.
  • N4 models, NEMA 42 (110 mm) motors are available in 3 stack lengths with torque ratings from 8.12 to 30.8 N-m (1,150 to 4,365 oz-in) nominal holding torque.
  • K4 models, NEMA 42 (110 mm) motors are available in 3 stack lengths with torque ratings from 10.4 to 40.3 N-m (1,470 to 5,700 oz-in) nominal holding torque.
  • Extensive selection of shaft configurations, terminations, windings and co-engineered modifications to suit your application needs, time frame and budget
  • Speeds up to 3,000 rpm meet the velocity demands of most high-torque applications
  • Improved torque linearity (above rated current) provides high peak torque to boost acceleration in intermittent-duty applications
  • High torque at moderate speeds to enable a cost-effective alternative to servo motors
  • Low detent torque harmonic provides smoother microstepping performance
  • K Series incorporates SIGMAX® technology for 25% more torque than N Series
  • Runs cooler than comparable steppers to provide longer, more reliable motor life
  • Special rotor design enables high acceleration
  • Rugged, “housingless” square frame means more torque in a smaller package
  • IP65 sealing for splashproof protection
  • Two-phase design is compatible with most drives and provides smoother microstepping and lower power input versus three-phase motors
  • Optional encoder mounting provisions
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pdfPOWERPAC Installation bulletin en-EN RevA English 27 Apr 2012 Documentation 512.99 KB
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pdfEC Machine Directive 2009-127-EC English 21 Oct 2009 Certifications 817.6 KB
pdfEC Machine Directive 2006-42-EC English 06 Sep 2006 Certifications 1.37 MB
pdfProduct Safety Directive English 03 Dec 2001 Certifications 254.32 KB
pdfEU Product Liability Directive English 25 Jul 1985 Certifications 148.59 KB
pdfNema 34 N3 K3 Stepper Systems TB English Datasheet 228.99 KB
pdfNema 42 N4 K4 Stepper Systems TB English Datasheet 238.48 KB
pdfRAPEX Leitfaden English, German 16 Dec 2009 Certifications 3.17 MB
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Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control English Catalog 01 Dec 2017 14.74 MB
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Stepper and Synchronous Motors Catalog EN Rev C English Catalog 19 Feb 2014 7.96 MB
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