CT Series

CT series motors incorporate innovative cooling technology, high-torque magnetic designs, rugged bearings and high-voltage insulation systems. These high-torque motors support large mechanical loads, and can be used with any stepper drive. CT Series motors are available in the most popular sizes (NEMA 17, 23 and 34) and are available with a variety of lengths, windings and shafts.

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  • High torque magnetic design features a large rotor diameter, small air gap, high energy magnets and computer controlled winding to provide maximum torque in the smallest size
  • Aluminum shell and end-caps quickly remove heat from the motor, allowing for higher current and torque ratings while running at a lower temperature for longer motor life
  • Large bearing system accommodates high thrust loads and high side loading
  • High voltage molded insulation system encases the stator, eliminating joints and gaps to improve reliability and increase voltage ratings
  • CT Series motors can be used with all standard stepper drives, as well as high-voltage, high-performance drives
  • Available in NEMA 17, 23 and 34 sizes with a wide selection of lengths, windings and shafts



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