Kollmorgen Recognized as 2017 Control Design Readers’ Choice in Stepper Motors & Servo Motors
Kollmorgen Recognized as 2017 Control Design Readers’ Choice in Stepper Motors & Servo Motors

Kollmorgen has been recognized by Control Design magazine as a 2017 Readers’ Choice for technology excellence in the Stepper Motor and Servo Motor categories. Learn More >>


The year 2016 marks Kollmorgen’s 100-year anniversary, a century of innovative solutions that have brought big ideas to life, kept the world safer, and improved peoples lives.Through the decades, ... Learn More >>


Stepper motors divide a full rotation of the rotor into a number of equally sized “steps,” offering the ability to quickly position a load and hold it at any one of these steps. Also known as step motors or stepping motors, these brushless DC motors offer quick, precise positioning and exceptional holding torque. Stepping technology allows for the use of an open-loop controller – simplifying machine design and lowering total cost compared to a servo motor system.

Our high-performance, brushless, maintenance-free stepper motors provide precise, extremely cost-effective motion control. These 2-phase motors inherently move in exact 1.8° increments (200 steps per revolution), with no need for expensive, complicated feedback devices. When using a microstepping drive, each 1.8° step can be broken into even smaller increments to achieve nearly servo-like positioning performance.

Kollmorgen offers a wide range of standard sizes, constructions, windings and options including custom leads, shafts and connectors. And our advanced hybrid stepper motor technology is unequalled – incorporating large bearings, high-voltage insulation, large rotor diameters, tight air gap tolerances, and high-energy magnets and windings that other manufacturers don’t offer.

Our NEW stepper motor optimizer tool, Stepper Optimizer provides multiple ways for you to discover what Kollmorgen step motor works best in your application. Browse our step motor catalog and discover which motor frame size will fit your application, and then modify the available voltage and current to match your stepper drive configuration. You can also use our Application Sizing section to find the best solution that fits your application requirements. Determine a solution by identifying your required torque and speed or through identifying your basic motion profile. The tool takes into account not only your available voltage and current, but considers your duty cycle, on time, ideal current reduction and current reduction delay.

For an even smaller, faster and more energy-efficient machine, choose an enhanced stepper model featuring SIGMAX® technology. Our patented design focuses magnetic flux more efficiently to provide 25 percent more torque across the entire speed range. With SIGMAX technology, you can get the torque you need with a smaller drive and lower power consumption – so your machine is smaller, faster and more affordable to build and operate.

PMX Series Medium Image

PMX Series

Kollmorgen continues its winning heritage in hybrid stepper motors with the PMX motor family. Leveraging best practices from customer preferred products, the PMX series delivers a wider breadth of frame sizes and options in an affordable, low-cost solution.

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PowerMax medium image

POWERMAX® II M and P Series

The POWERMAX II®M and P Series provides the highest torque in a stepper motor. These NEMA 23 (60 mm) motors are available in half-, single-, and two-stack configurations with a variety of standard options and affordable co-engineered modifications.

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POWERPAC K and N Stepper Motor Series - Kollmorgen

POWERPAC® K and N Series

POWERPAC® hybrid stepper motors deliver more power in a smaller package. These rugged, high-torque NEMA 34 and 42 (90 and 110 mm) motors are available with standard options and low-cost co-engineered modifications to provide an exact fit for your application.

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CT Stepper Motor Series - Kollmorgen

CT Series

CT series motors incorporate innovative cooling technology, high-torque magnetic designs, rugged bearings and high-voltage insulation systems. These motors support large mechanical loads and can be used with any stepper drive.

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MX Stepper Motor Series - Kollmorgen

MX Series Hazardous Duty

MX Series stepper motors meet Class I, Division 1, Group D hazardous location requirements. They are available in NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes (90 and 110 mm), providing minimum holding torques from 1.27 to 9.82 N-m (180 to 1,390 oz-in).

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KM Stepper Motor Series - Kollmorgen

High-Torque Stepper Motors

Our T2, T, KM and MH172 Series stepper motors provide the highest torque in a wide range of frame sizes. These motors offer a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to pneumatic, hydraulic and servo motor systems.

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E and H Hybrid Stepper Motor Series - Kollmorgen

E and H Hybrid Series

These are high-efficiency, low-loss stepper motors with a conventional, round frame in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes (60, 90 and 110 mm).

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