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Serviced Motors

While these servo motors are not available for new applications, Kollmorgen continues to provide replacement motors and support for existing customers.

F Series (Pac Sci)

The F4 family includes high-performance servomotors with a special high-inertia design.

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PMA (Pac Sci)

The PMA family of motors includes five frame sizes of high performance servomotors, ranging in size from 55mm square to 190mm square.

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R Series (Pac Sci)

The R series includes five frame sizes of high performance servomotors with rare earth magnetics.

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S Series (Pac Sci)

The S Series includes two frame sizes with NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 mounts as well as metric mount versions.

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Centurion MEDIUM


The Centurion™ Series includes servomotors in a variety of frame sizes, inertias and torque ranges. This series has been designed to provide models with optimum performance characteristics for a wide range of industrial applications.

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