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Goldline® S Series Submersible Servo Motors

These brushless servo motors incorporate pressure compensation technology to allow underwater operation up to 20,000 ft while withstanding extreme environments. They feature stainless steel and aluminum nickel bronze housings. All shafts are stainless steel and sealed with an externally serviceable O-ring seal.

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Goldline® S Series Submersible


  • Choice of stainless steel and aluminum nickel bronze housings
  • Stainless steel shaft with externally serviceable seal
  • NEMA mounts
  • Resolver feedback
  • SEACON connectors
  • Pressure compensated: 5,000 psi (Co-Engineered option for 10,000 psi possible)
  • Designed to withstand severe shock and extreme environments


Frame Size S-10x S-20x S-40x S-60x
Stack Length 2,4,6 2,4,6 4,6 4,6
Windings A,B A,B A,B A,B
Motor Diameter mm (in) 82.3 (3.24) 107.6 (4.24) 133.1 (5.24) 160.8 (6.33)
Max. Motor Length mm (in) 281.1 (11.07) 337.2 (13.28) 400.7 (15.78) 490.6 (19.31)
Max. Bus Voltage VDC 320 320 320 320
Max. Continuous Torque (stall) Nm (lb-in)* 4.39 (38.9) 12.2 (108) 35.3 (312) 84.1 (744)
Max. Peak Torque Nm (lb-in)* 6.36 (56.3) 20.5 (181.2) 49.2 (435.6) 131.9 (1166)
Max. Speed (rpm)* 5500 2800 2500 1850

*Oil-filled housing and customer supplied water-cooling can have effects on achieving rated torque and speed due to factors such as cavitation, drag and heat dissipation. Contact Kollmorgen Customer Support with specific application requirements.

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