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DBL/DBK – the brushless motor for demanding applications

DBL/DBK brushless motors employ a high performace magnet system and are particularly suited to demanding motion control applications where rapid acceleration/deceleration and high throughput positioning are critical. Shortened versions are available for space restricted brushless motor applications.
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  • High performance magnets for highly dynamic function
  • Flange dimensions to IEC standard, fit j6, accuracy according to DIN 42955, tolerance class R
  • Vibration class N according to DIN ISO 2373
  • Insulation for 480Vrated mains voltage (DBL1 : 230V)
  • Insulation material class F according to DIN 57530
  • Shaft end without a fitted-keyway
  • Protection Class IP64 Motor without shaft-sealing ring
  • Protection Class IP65 Motor with shaft-sealing ring
  • Built-in resolver
  • DBL2–8 and DBK motors are UL Recognized


  • Holding brake
  • Shaft with keyway
  • Radial shaft-sealing ring
  • Vertical mounting sockets for resolver and power connections
  • Built-in high resolution EnDat encoder
  • Second thermal protection contact
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