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AKM & AKM2G DC Low Voltage Servo Motor

AKM and AKM2G Low Voltage servo motors are designed for high-performance, demanding dynamic applications which require 24-96 VDC bus input.

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Kollmorgen AKM2G LV
Kollmorgen AKM1 DC Servo Motor Low Voltage Size Comparison_l
Industry 4.0 Ready


Derived from existing AKM and AKM2G electromagnetics, these Low Voltage windings have been hand selected by Kollmorgen engineering to offer a more optimized solution for axes with Low Voltage power input requirements.

AKM and AKM2G Low Voltage variants are available with the same wide range of configurable options and features, plus OEM-specific Co-engineered solutions, as offered in the larger AKM family.


  • AKM variants rated for 24-48 Vdc: Three design sizes with Stall torque range 0.18 to 1.25 Nm, and motor speeds up to 4500 RPM.
  • AKM2G variants rated for 24-96 Vdc: One design size with Stall torque range 1.73 to 3.83 Nm, and motor speeds up to 8000 RPM.
  • CE Compliant / UL-Recognized (U.S & Canada)
  • Identical motor construction, design features and benefits as base AKM and AKM2G servo motor series.

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Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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pdfAKM Instruction Manual EN DE IT ES FR RU (REV 10/2019) English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish 25 Oct 2019 5.87 MB Copy URL
pdfAKM2G Installation Manual EN DE IT ES FR RU (REV E) English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish 31 Aug 2020 9.07 MB Copy URL
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pdfKollmorgen CE Technical Notice - Servo and Stepper Motors Efficiency English 26 Aug 2020 389.92 KB Copy URL
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Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 Copy URL
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AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide English 13 Apr 2020 5.15 MB Copy URL
AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide (interactive) English 08 Jul 2019 Copy URL
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Kollmorgen AKM DC Servo Motor Low Voltage Flyer English 26 Apr 2017 537.91 KB Copy URL
Kollmorgen AKM Low Voltage Winding Data and Performance Curves English 18 Dec 2019 1.13 MB Copy URL
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