AKM Series

The AKM™ Series gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility, with the industry’s largest standard selection of servo motors and the ability to quickly co-engineer modifications to perfectly fit your application. Paired with the outstanding torque density and precision of our AKD Series drives, these servo systems provide the exact specifications of a custom solution with the affordability and fast delivery of a standard solution.

AKM2G Servomotor Series Medium

AC Synchronous Servo Motors – AKM®2G Series

The new AKM2G servo motors will be available with different feedback system choices, mounting /shaft options, connector designs, thermal sensor selections, shaft seal options, winding selections for different voltage and /or speed requirements and a brake option.

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AC Synchronous Servo Motors

Our best-in-class, high-performance servo motors offer a wide range of mounting, connectivity, feedback and other options. More than 500,000 standard models are available along with co-engineered modifications to suit almost any application requirement.

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AKMH 265x265 Image

Stainless Steel AKMH Series

The new AKMH Series is built to withstand the most rigorous of washdown regimens. The combination of the AKMH’s IP69K construction and corrosion resistant materials, make for a servo motor that will last the life of your machine.

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Kollmorgen AKM1 DC Servo Motor Low Voltage Size Comparison_m

AKM DC Servo Motor Low Voltage

Energy efficiency, durability, power density, overload capability: KOLLMORGEN has now transferred these four benefits of permanent-excited servo motors to the extra low voltage world.

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AKM Washdown and Food Grade

AKM Washdown and Washdown Food Series servo motors incorporate a protective 2-K coating, IP67-rated seals, stainless steel hardware, special greases and other materials designed for applications such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing where hygiene and frequent cleaning are critical requirements.

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AKM Gearmotor MEDIUM


Our standard gearmotors combine the industry-leading torque density and speed capabilities of our AKM™ Series servo motors with the proven performance of TRUE Planetary™ gearheads or our high-precision ValueTRUE™ gearheads to produce a single, factory-integrated solution—with no installation required.

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