F(H) Series

Kollmorgen F (frameless) and FH (frameless, high voltage) Direct Drive Rotary motors use a proprietary neodymium-iron magnet rotor structure and skewed armature assembly for outstanding torque/volume. The windings are encapsulated with high-temperature epoxy, providing excellent thermal properties and mechanical protection. These motors are currently available to support existing customers only. For new applications we recommend the KBM™ Series

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  • 5.48 to 369 N-m (4 to 272 lb-ft) continuous torque provides maximum application flexibility
  • Speeds up to 800 rpm meet most high torque / low speed application requirements
  • Power ratings up to 3,430 watts meet high power demands for most applications
  • Windings encapsulated with high-temperature epoxy for high thermal transfer and mechanical protection
  • Bolt-on rotor assemblies for quick design and installation
  • Can be supplied with pre-configured drives and feedback devices for a complete speed/torque solution in a compact package
  • UL Recognized for global acceptance and easy agency approval


  • High magnetic pole count for low cogging for smooth low-speed rotation
  • Pre-configured amplifiers and feedback devices simplify installation and startup
  • Reduced maintenance since load and motor use the same set of bearings
  • Reduces machine size by adapting directly to the load


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