Direct Drive Linear

A Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motor is basically a rotary motor that is laid out flat and directly coupled to the driven load. By eliminating mechanical transmission components, this design delivers exceptional performance, extremely high stiffness, very high dynamic speeds and accelerations, high positional accuracy, higher throughput, compact mechanical assembly, quiet operation, zero maintenance and smooth, error-free motion.

IC Series Ironcore (DDL) medium image

IC Series Ironcore

IC Series Ironcore motors provide the highest force per frame size. The patented anti-cogging design yields extremely smooth operation.

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ICD Series Ironcore

ICD Series Ironcore motors offer a low-profile design and low attractive force. These motors are a suitable replacement for many ironless applications.

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IL Series Ironless

IL Series ironless motors have no slots for the coil windings. That means a very light mass, zero attractive force between the coil assembly and the magnet way, and zero cogging for ultra smooth motion.

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