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Redi-Line Power Conversion Generators

Our Redi-Line Series provides quiet, convenient 120 or 230 VAC power for mobile and remote applications. They operate directly from your vehicle’s batteries, converting DC power to AC to run any type of electrical equipment in locations where convenient AC power is not available. Encased in rugged steel enclosures, these compact, quiet generators can be mounted in any position. Choose Redi-Line to run tools, appliances, lighting and more—without the noise and fumes of a gasoline-driven generator.

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  • Built rugged and reliable with sturdy steel housing
  • Demand Start Circuitry extends battery life
  • Easily delivers peak output currents up to 1.5 times the continuous output rating for extra starting power
  • Conveniently mounts in any position in a minimum of space
  • True sine-wave output
  • Optional GFI outlet
  • Operates in ambient temperatures from -30°F to 130°F
  • Compact and quiet power, with no fumes
  • Minimal maintenance


Models DA12A-500A DA12L-1600A-GFI
Input Voltage (DC) 12 12
Nominal Input Voltage (DC) 12.6 12.6
Continuous Output Watts 500 1600
Surge Output Watts 750 2400
Output Voltage* (AC) 120 120
Output Frequency (Hz) 65 65
Continuous Output Current 4.5 14.5
Surge Output Current (Amps) 7 22
Wave Shape Sine Sine
Length (inches) 16.25 16.75
Height (inches) 5.5 9.13
Diameter (inches) 5.18 7.38
Weight (lbs.) 26 53

Media & Downloads

Title File Language Date Share URL
Pacific Scientific Redi-Line Generators Installation and Service Manual English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/Redi-Line_Installation_Manual.pdf
Pacific Scientific Redi-Line Generators User's Guide English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/redi-line_users-guide_en-US_revA.pdf

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