PiCPro® Programming Software

PiCPro® provides a fully-integrated IEC 61131-3 environment that enables single-point programming for your entire application, including logic, motion control, process control, data management, communications and drive setup. This solution uses ladder logic programming for machine logic control, function block programming for motion control and structured text programming for high-level operations. Sophisticated functions like multi-tasking provide the headroom to solve the toughest applications.

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  • Single-point programming for logic, motion, process, data management and communications
  • Complete ladder logic instruction set to make machine control easy
  • Drive setup and optimized tuning, integrated with application programming
  • Structured text programming for higher level operations
  • Up to 32 axes of digital or analog-interfaced, SERCOS or microstepper motion control
  • Powerful and robust motion instruction set including positioning, indexing, gearing, cam profiling and linear/circular interpolation
  • User-developed function blocks for creating programs that can be reused in application after application
  • Powerful diagnostic functions including logic monitoring, data viewing, data forcing, servo tuning, and oscilloscope for quick start-up and maintenance
  • On-line edit of logic and motion to speed application development and troubleshooting
  • Real-time preemptive multi-tasking to solve high performance applications
  • Ethernet TCP/IP support for plant integration and remote application programming and debugging over the internet



  • Single-point programming solution simplifies development of motion control, process control, logic control and drive setup
  • IEC 61131-3 programming environment provides a rich standard instruction set with all the tools you’ll need to create your entire machine and motion control application
  • Structured programming keeps simple applications simple, while offering the performance to solve the most challenging problems
  • Powerful tools include over 200 standard functions, along with the ability to develop your own functions as well as time-tick, event-driven and servo-synchronous tasks
  • True preemptive multi-tasking lets you focus the control’s processing power on your application’s highest priority process
  • PiCPro is an ideal solution for printing, packaging and converting, metal-cutting, welding, pick-and-place, glue-laying and many other applications that require master/slave motion, continuous registration, interpolated motion and other sophisticated motion processes



Programming Package


PiCPro - Professional Edition

Programming tool for MMC, MMC for PC and PiC controls

PiCPro - Limited Edition

Programming tool for Drive-Resident Digital MMC and stand-alone MMC controls

PiCPro - Monitor Edition

Maintenance (no editing) for MMC, MMC for PC and PiC controls


Standard Instruction Set



Logic Instructions

Ladder logic instruction set including contacts, coils, one-shots, latches


Support for 8 to 32-bit integer arithmetic. Arithmetic and trigonometric support for 32 and 64-bit floating point values


Support for all logical operations (and, or, xor, not ...)


Count-up, Count-down and Count up/down instructions

Data type

Type conversion between all IEC 61131 data types


Support for all comparison operators (=,<>,>= ...)

Fieldbus Interface

Name-based integration of DeviceNet or Profibus slaves


Data transfer, limit, selection


I/O and file device support, including RS232/RS485 serial communications, Ethernet TCP/IP network support, analog input, analog output, thermocouple and RTD input, RAM disk file support (open, read, write, close, delete), PID


Over 80 motion control functions ranging from position to cam profile used to implement digital and analog-interfaced, SERCOS-interfaced or microstepping stepper motion control applications


Character string manipulation instructions (concatenate, mid, right, left ...)


TIme on, Time off, Time pulse machine control instructions


Real-time clock support instructions

Applications software (included with PiCPro for Windows)

Includes General and Motion Application Specific Function Block (ASFB) Libraries and Application Examples

Support Libraries


General ASFB

General purpose ASFBs to accelerate the efforts of the beginning programmer

Motion ASFB

Motion control ASFBs for jogging, referencing, and other motion control functions

Ethernet ASFB

Functions to support Ethernet file and data transfer


Functions to support SERCOS applications

Support Software Packages



OPC Server

OPC (OLE for Process Control) server installs on a personal computer and allows tag name based data transfer to any OPC Client over Ethernet TCP/IP

A-B Data Highway Interface

A-B DFI protocol support software for RS232/RS485 connection

Modbus™ Interface

Modbus Protocol support for RS232 or Ethernet TCP/IP



Kollmorgen PiCPro Integrated Solutions Catalog EN RevBKollmorgen PiCPro Integrated Solutions Catalog EN RevB3.8 MB3/29/2016Email


MMC4PC26MMC4PC261.1 MB2/16/2016Email
PiCProMonV16_1PiCProMonV16_11 B3/23/2016Email
PiCProMonV17_0PiCProMonV17_01 B3/23/2016Email
PiCProMonV18_0PiCProMonV18_01 B3/23/2016Email


AN000001 How the PiC900 timeordate stamp on an .LDO file works_ApplicationNote_en-us-revision1AN000001 How the PiC900 timeordate stamp on an .LDO file works_ApplicationNote_en-us-revision113.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000003 Difference between DISTANCE and POSITION moves_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000003 Difference between DISTANCE and POSITION moves_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision118.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000004 Using a time axis_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000004 Using a time axis_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision114.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000005 Switch settings for Allen-Bradley 1770-KF2 module_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000005 Switch settings for Allen-Bradley 1770-KF2 module_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision115 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000006 MasterorSlave FUorLU roundoff with RATIOGR and RATIOSYN_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000006 MasterorSlave FUorLU roundoff with RATIOGR and RATIOSYN_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision115.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000007 Decoding the date and time data types_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000007 Decoding the date and time data types_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision113.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000008 COMM900 throughput to a personal computer_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000008 COMM900 throughput to a personal computer_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision115.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000009 Communicating to Allen-Bradley SLC 500s_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000009 Communicating to Allen-Bradley SLC 500s_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision123.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000010 Using US Robotics Modems with PiC900s_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000010 Using US Robotics Modems with PiC900s_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision112.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000011 PiCPro over a modem_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000011 PiCPro over a modem_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision156 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000012 The effect tasks have on scan time_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000012 The effect tasks have on scan time_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision151.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000013 Software EPROM compatability charts_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000013 Software EPROM compatability charts_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1865.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000014 PiCPro library revision numbers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000014 PiCPro library revision numbers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision125 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000015 Analog input module initialization information_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000015 Analog input module initialization information_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision116 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000016 Running a PiCServoPro PICPro on Windows 95_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000016 Running a PiCServoPro PICPro on Windows 95_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision131.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000017 Drive transformer sizing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000017 Drive transformer sizing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision129 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000018 Drive fuse sizing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000018 Drive fuse sizing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision140 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000019 Drive shunt power calculations_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000019 Drive shunt power calculations_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision175 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000020 DS100or200 drive troubleshooting guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000020 DS100or200 drive troubleshooting guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision139.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000021 PiC900 scan rates_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000021 PiC900 scan rates_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision113 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000022 PiC dynamic link library with Visual Basic_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000022 PiC dynamic link library with Visual Basic_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision123 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000023 Configuring ARCNET Card in Windows 95_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000023 Configuring ARCNET Card in Windows 95_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision116.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000024 LDO version numbers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000024 LDO version numbers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision119.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000025 PiCPro directory status_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000025 PiCPro directory status_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision122.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000026 3rd party software with COMM900 drivers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000026 3rd party software with COMM900 drivers_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision120 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000027 Running PiCServoPro or PiCPro on Windows NT3.51_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000027 Running PiCServoPro or PiCPro on Windows NT3.51_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision130.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000028 Troubleshooting array indexing or Pic900 data memory map_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000028 Troubleshooting array indexing or Pic900 data memory map_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision136 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000029 Downloading .ASC files to 21000 Series TCSs_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000029 Downloading .ASC files to 21000 Series TCSs_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision117.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000030 2100 Series Executive firmware upgrade procedure_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000030 2100 Series Executive firmware upgrade procedure_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision127.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000031 Application of the REGIST function_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000031 Application of the REGIST function_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1195 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000032 Tuning Servos with a PiC900_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000032 Tuning Servos with a PiC900_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision131.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000033 DC bus sharing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000033 DC bus sharing_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1445 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000034 TrueView ladder page change_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000034 TrueView ladder page change_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1219.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000035 Converting from a DS to a DSM amplifier_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000035 Converting from a DS to a DSM amplifier_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1123 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000037 Running Centurion DSM100 Serco Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000037 Running Centurion DSM100 Serco Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision132 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000038 running Kollmorgen ServostarCD SERCOS drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000038 running Kollmorgen ServostarCD SERCOS drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision131 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000039 Servo Setup Examples_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000039 Servo Setup Examples_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision173 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000040 Scaling in SERCOS_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000040 Scaling in SERCOS_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision144 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000041 Running AMK SERCOS Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000041 Running AMK SERCOS Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision123.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000042 SERCOS Troubleshooting Guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000042 SERCOS Troubleshooting Guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1134.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000043 MMC Cimrex Application Quick_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000043 MMC Cimrex Application Quick_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1349.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000044 Converting from a DS to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000044 Converting from a DS to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1148.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000045 Converting from a DS to a DSA Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000045 Converting from a DS to a DSA Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1150.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000046 Converting from a DSM to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000046 Converting from a DSM to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1130.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000047 Converting from a DSA to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000047 Converting from a DSA to a MMC-SD Drive_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1128.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000048 CSA uCSA Drive firmware compatibility charts_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000048 CSA uCSA Drive firmware compatibility charts_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision185.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000049 Extending Cimrex Screen Life_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000049 Extending Cimrex Screen Life_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision136 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000050 Using the MMC-SD Oscilloscope_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000050 Using the MMC-SD Oscilloscope_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision154 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000051 Start Up and Tuning the Digital MMC-SD_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000051 Start Up and Tuning the Digital MMC-SD_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1309.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000052 tuning the Position Loop with the Digital MMC-SD_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000052 tuning the Position Loop with the Digital MMC-SD_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1120.5 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000053 Understanding and Organizing PiCPro Files_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000053 Understanding and Organizing PiCPro Files_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1482 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000054 Understanding PiCPro Memory Usage_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000054 Understanding PiCPro Memory Usage_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1183 KB10/24/2011Email
AN000055 digital MMC Exter Application Quick Start Guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000055 digital MMC Exter Application Quick Start Guide_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision11.7 MB10/24/2011Email
AN000057 Circular Moves Using M_LINCIR and M_SCRVLC_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1AN000057 Circular Moves Using M_LINCIR and M_SCRVLC_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1351.5 KB10/24/2011Email
KI00256 Converting a Cimrex project to Exter_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1KI00256 Converting a Cimrex project to Exter_ApplicationNote_en-us_revision1226.6 KB10/24/2011Email
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