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PLC Programming for Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

A complete graphical toolkit for PLC programming is included with Kollmorgen Automation Suite™, with support for all IEC 61131-3 programming languages. It’s fully integrated with motion programming, hardware setup and configuration, testing and debugging, HMI development, network setup and other development tools, so there’s only one software package to learn and use, and only one programming and configuration file to maintain.

Product available worldwide
Kollmorgen Programmazione PLC IEC 61131-3 KAS_l.png
Industry 4.0 Ready


  • Open architecture provides consistent support for both IEC 61131-3 and user-defined programming constructs in a single environment
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop programming environment ensures consistency and convenience
  • Programmed modules can easily be modified and reused, increasing development speed
  • Auto-recognize feature automatically brings Kollmorgen controllers, I/O devices, drives, motors and other hardware components into the development environment
  • Programming language interchangeability allows seamless integration of different languages for different programming tasks, and even translates one IEC 61131-3 language to another


  • Offline development and simulation capabilities allow you to create and test solutions without deploying the target hardware or putting physical components at risk


  • Graphical cam editor makes it easy to import, create, modify and reuse complex cam profiles


  • Multi-variable software oscilloscope and standard debugging features simplify troubleshooting and fine-tuning



  • Quickly create, optimize and validate motion components and templates
  • Reuse and customize function blocks to suit many different applications
  • Customize the development environment to suit your working style
  • Simplify programming of complex automation systems that incorporate multiple types of components and configurations
  • Integrate PLC programming within the same environment you use to define system topology, auto-discover and auto-configure components, create cam profiles, test and debug motion programs, and more
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pdfKAS IDE 30 Minutes to Motion EN (REV N) English 20 Dec 2019 745.29 KB
pdfKAS IDE Getting Started EN (REV N) English 20 Dec 2019 2.55 MB
pdfKAS IDE Motion Library Reference Manual EN (REV N) English 20 Dec 2019 9.68 MB
pdfKAS IDE PLC Library Reference Manual EN (REV N) English 20 Dec 2019 2.48 MB
pdfKAS IDE User Manual EN (REV N) English 20 Dec 2019 28.9 MB
pdfKAS Release Notes EN (REV L) English 20 Dec 2019 636.32 KB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder Developer Controls Guide EN (REV A) English 01 Sep 2013 1.22 MB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder HMI Panel Image Users Guide EN (REV A) English 05 Jul 2017 390.57 KB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder Quick Start EN (REV F) English 05 Jul 2017 1.19 MB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder User Guide EN (REV F) English 05 Jul 2017 4.81 MB
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Kollmorgen Automation Solutions and Product Catalog EMEA English 21 Jun 2018 15.99 MB
Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) Catalog English 01 Dec 2017 14.02 MB
Kollmorgen Automationslösungen Katalog German 09 Apr 2017 11.17 MB
Kollmorgen Catalogo Automazione e Motion Control IT Italian 01 Jan 2020 12.08 MB
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