In addition to MPI, SynqNet® offers MPX for developers who prefer to work in Visual Basic, LabVIEW, C#, XML and other environments that support .NET extensions. MPX (Motion Programming ActiveX) is a Windows-based API that provides an ActiveX motion library for accomplishing a wide variety of motion and I/O tasks without the need for C/C++ programming.

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  • Runs on Windows-based systems
  • Allows programming in Visual Basic, .NET, C# and other environments that support .NET libraries
  • Works with any language/compiler that supports .NET, including .NET scripting languages
  • Provides a hierarchy of objects, grouping together related methods and properties to simplify access to the control
  • Compatible with SynqNet® ZMP controllers
  • Supports up to 32 axes and 32 SynqNet nodes
  • Can be used across TCP/IP networks via client/server
  • Compatible with MechaWare™ for developing custom control algorithms



  • Supports many of the same tasks as MPI, and is easier to use for many simpler programming scenarios
  • Well suited for developing test and production applications as well as full motion application development
  • Applications can be run on computers containing SynqNet controllers, including embedded controllers or across LANs and the Internet




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